Whats your vagina suppose to look like?

The outside of it I mean. Are the lips suppose to be thin, or are they suppose to be sort of pudgy? Mine is pudgy and I don't know if thats how it is for most females or if mine is just different. Thanks for the answers.
Answers:    I'm a man, but I've seen many and am studying to become a surgeon. You're really talking about your vulva, but anyway, no reason to get too technical.
Basically a woman's vulva/"vagina" can vary from another woman's vulva a little. They can be larger or smaller, "pudgy" or "thin". The same thing applies with mens' penises. Some are longer or smaller, "thicker" or "thinner", etc.
From what you've described, yours is very normal. While you may not be as interested in looking at women's vagina's as men are, you can also look on the internet and surely find many pictures of vagina's and see how they can look from woman-to-woman. While I'm not saying "go look at porn", it might provide some re-assurance to you to see some that are similar to yours, provided you are old enough to legally look at some of those pictures.
In any event, you sound absolutely normal, and be proud of your womanhood. I hope this helps.
a hole with meat flaps
send me a pic of it because im not sure what ur talking about. If u send me a pic i cant tell you if it is normal or not. I am a licensed doctor. poipman1@yahoo.com is my email address
If you were to look at 1,000 different vulvas (the vagina is the muscular tube inside of you) you'd be looking at 1,000 different looking vulvas. They're all pretty unique and there's not way that they are "supposed" to look.
i advise against sending that guy a picture.
you never know who people *really* are over the internet.
and everyones looks different so dont worry.
I have had this discussion before believe it or not. The truth is your vagina is like a flower. Though comprised of the same elemental parts, ie. labia minora, labia Majora, vulva..etc, depending on the woman her petals will look different than anothers. Some ethnicity's have longer labia minora than others, some have "plump" majora..it just depends. Believe it or not I went running to the gynecologist when I was 19, concerned about some rippling "skin flaps" I could barely see around the opening. I was set at ease by my doctor and given the "flower" analogy.
I've even seen some shows where some girls have become so obsessed with what they think their vagina is "supposed" to look like, that they've gone in for vaginoplasty to alter the shape of the lips. Don't buy into anyone's idea of what your flower is supposed to look like. Learn to accept it's individuality, as you learn to dismiss common ideals.
don worry how it looks like, as long as u only have one.
Pretty much like snowflakes, no two are alike. And trust me, i've seen A LOT of them.

Send me a pic if you like.
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