Has anyone ever gotten pregant AFTER having a Tubal Ligation?

Since there is no 'birth control' catagory, I am asking it here.I had a tubal ligation 5yrs ago. Can I still get pregnant?? I was on a website and I read some article on how some women had gotten pregnant after so many yrs of having a tubal ligation had passed, and alot of the women had gotten pregnant after the 5yr mark. Has anyone ever gotten pregnant after having a tubal ligation??
Answers:    It is about 99% effective in preventing pregnancies, so yes, there is still a risk of getting pregnant. If a pregnancy does occur, there is a greater risk of it being a tubal or ectopic pregnancy.

Basically, a tubal ligation should be considered as effective as the pill without having to remember to take it every day. If pregnancy is suspected, call your doctor immediately for a blood test and if positive a trans-vaginal ultrasound to see if it is ectopic or not.
yes about two years after my first tubal i got pregnant again.
I hope I don't.I had mine 3 yrs ago!! My Mom had me 10 yrs after a tubal so it IS possible!
My mother and I'm living proof. I'm a TL baby. You gotta think, though...no method of birth control is 100% effective except abstinence. But the chance of getting pregnant I also hear depends on how well the procedure is performed. Still, it happens. Also, a friend of our family won a lawsuit against a doctor when he told her it was 100% effective against pregnancy.
Yep it can happen... nothing is totally fool proof.. short of no sex at all.. OR no uterus... many doctors will not do a hysterectomy for birth control reasons...

Every year you make it past the anniversary date of your TL.. your chances of pregnancy go down... I am now 9 yrs post TL.. and not even a scare...

Don't worry about it.. if it happens it happens.. deal with that then.. to worry about it will only have you wondering every month.. and that stress is worse for you than you will ever believe...
Yes, it does happen. It's more likely that you'll have an ectopic (sp?) pregnancy though and that's potentially more dangerous than having an unwanted/unplanned pregnancy.
I have. 7 years ago came close to dying because of my tube ruptured :o( I was told at that time I could get pregnant again just next time it would most likey kill me, due to complications I had.And if not, The baby wouldn't stand a chance to live. So before me and my hubby were married 5 years ago he a had a vasectomy, just so we wouldn't worry about my health down the road. 2 years later I ended up pregnant, had the same symptoms as before and back in hospital. However all ended up ok. Had a long 9 months of being sick all the time, but now have a beautiful little 2 year old girl. So yes it's possible for sure. I don't think the 5 year part should matter much. As long as you still have one of your tubes intact anything is possible. I'am reminded of that everyday when I look at my daughter :O) Hope you get the answer's you are looking for. Don't lose hope. Good luck.
I did

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