What does cranberry juice do for women on their period?

In the movie "The Departed," they make fun of DiCaprio's character for drinking cranberry juice and jokingly ask if he's on his period. I'd never heard of this before. Is there an actual connection there?
Answers:    ummmmm never heard of that either. I know that cran juice is great for urinary tract health. Perhaps they were implying that cranberry juice is something only women drink.. i mean it doesnt sound like a masculine beverage... really dont think it has connections to periods though, unless maybe some women crave it during theirs... i sure dont. lol
Not that I'm aware of... I do know that drinking cranberry juice is recommended to help prevent bladder infections and UTI's. A property in the cranberry juice makes your bladder lining "slippery" therefore less likely for bacteria to stay in there and cause an infection...
It refills your uterus. What did you think that was?

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