Smoking weed before surgery?

my friend is going to have her wisdom teeth removed tomorrow and she is a heavy pot smoker. im pretty sure they put you under when they take your wisdom teeth out. if she smokes tomorrow will she be at risk?
Answers:    You are put under general anaesthetic (put under). Honestly, she could probably be okay as long as she tells them she's a SMOKER. That way they'll monitor her respiration even closer. Pot is a downer but it's probably going to be okay since they'll be monitoring her. It will probably keep her calmer before surgery, too. I'm not condoning it but I think it's not going to be "that" much of an influence, especially if she's "normally" stoned.
thatss sounds good
Smoking weed always puts you at risk.
yeah and the oral surgeon will probably be able to smell it on her too
NO weed is naturally LOL
No, she'll be fine.
Probably not, but it isn't a good idea.
Weed is always a risk...
Get high after the operation
she's probably goning to not wake back up
Are you serious?
they didnt put me under just nummed me reallly good..but as for doing drugs while under yes thers a high risk it will do some major effects...
I smoked before a recent surgery and told the doctor and anesthesiologist... wasn't really a problem.

Pot thins the blood. she will bleed more thats all. My friend recently had his wisdoms pulled (all 4) and was high as a kite. I doubt anything serious will happen. SMOKE STRONG.
If the doc smells it, she will most likely be re-scheduled.
Not at all. No bad side effects. You'll probably get a lot of responses about how she should never smoke weed, but she does. Its not bad for you.
no she's cool. It is just NO2 not bad
She's at risk whenever she smokes. What a dumbass.
I wouldn't worry about your friend smoking pot before the surgery but I would worry about the dentist smoking pot before the surgery.
stop shame shame shame BAD!
stop smoking nobody will ever like you and you'll get more into drugs and die from overdose.
shame shame shame stop.
I know someone who did that too. He was fine, but I wouldn't recommend it, seems stupid to me. They're going to put you under...why waste the high?
Yes she will. If her dentist is going to put her under, she better tell him. He may refuse to remove the teeth, but it's better than her dying from complications & think of how that poor doctor would feel - all because she lied & has to break the law.
Shouldn't be smoking weed. If she is going to hospital, yes she will be put under and may be more at risk if this is still in her system. She naughty naughty!
They give a local for wisdom teeth. Just make sure she goes in with the "air" of being sober or they will not take them out.
sounds risky to me plus would make me way more afraid.
that's a waste of weed. she's going to be knocked out before the operation anyway. there will be plenty of time to get high during the recovery period.
nope i did the same thing and i had a steak dinner later that crazy wisdom teeth story here,
also i smoked before all 5 of my knee ops and various ones on my back and ribs
why would she smoke if they were gonna put her under? that's silly. she'll be sedated anyway. try to get your friend to lay off though. there's no reason she should be totally out of it for a minor surgery like wisdom teeth. plus, when she wakes up, she'll most likely be groggy and smoking green will not help with that! good luck. you sound like a well meaning friend too ;)
THC doesn't interfear with other drugs,
it will just help sedate her. I do it often, I just get nervouse around needles and drills in my mouth,.
the mirjuana will realx her, so the novocai or whatever tehy use, will be more effetive.

Although there will be people arguing this,
It really will have no effent she's fine.
Overall, it's not the best thing for her health. But in this instance, it should most likely be okay. Marijuana is not a heavy narcotic.
yes she could be at risk different drugs can react badly to each other if she smokes before the sugary then she should tell the surgeon its very unlikely they will call the police but she might get a drugs are bad for you lecture.
no she should be fine,she may not even go under just a needle in the gum usally unless her teeth are growing wrong then they will give her anesthetic to put her asleep

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