Ok so how many holes do we have down there?

i always thought it was three but i noticed yesterday that what i thought was the pee hole actually wasn't...why do ih ave like an extra tiny hole above it? am i deformed?
Answers:    4 - Urethra, vagina, skene's glands and bartholin's glands.
i don't think so, im pretty sure i have 3 too
you are not deformed and you are wrong there are 4=you have found the part of your body that gives you pleasure during sex
wait what?? theres 3 holes.. one for peeing.. one for intercourse.. and the last one is for your poo.. the one for peeing is relatively small.. you know what, you should go to a gynecologist or something..
There are three holes in your urogenital area. You have your urethra, this is the small hole right underneath your clitoris, used for urinating, your vaginal opening, which is located about three centimeters below your urethra, and your anus, which is the body's exit for solid waste and should be located several inches behind your vaginal opening.
I think I have 3 also!
The images at 3dvulva.com are really really good. They'll help you a lot.
ur suppose to have 3 holes down there , ur vaginal hole ,then right above it is ur pee hole, then ur butt hole if u have any more than that then somethin is wrong
look on the Internet to find a diagram of female anatomy to answer your questions Try to google diagram of female reproductive organs
Women do have 3 holes down there. The urethra is very small. It is located just forward of your vagina.

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