If your wife/girlfriend doesn't want you to give her oral sex, should you try and convince her to reconsider?

I could never imagine meeting a women who feels uncomfortable with the idea of a man giving her oral sex, yet is comfortable with giving a man oral sex. What could be the reason(s) for this? Should one accept it and not try and engage in this paticular form of sex with your partner or do you gently attempt to change her mind?
Answers:    I have been through the same thing. She wasn't comfortable with it. I couldn't understand why and she couldn't understand why I wanted to. I just tried now and then without making it an issue. One day she when she was especially turned on I tried and she let me go down.That was about 6-8 years ago and I have become quite the pro. The point is, she will probably love it if she ever gets relaxed about it. Just don't force the issue.
Accept her feelings. If she changes her mind, she'll let you know. Don't pressure her into something she has already says she doesn't like.
Speaking from experience i never normally like to give but love to recieve.

I often find that after foreplay which is based around me i feel the desire to return the guesture.

Dont pressure anyone into doing anything which they are not ready for once things get going they might change there mind in there own time
If she does not like, let her be.
I, myself don't care for it all that much. But if it is being offered, thank you
Personally I have never liked receiving oral sex. There is nothing about it that arouses me or gets me off. I don't mind giving it to my husband.

You should never try to pressure someone into sexual acts that they don't feel comfortable with. Maybe in time she might want to try it.

I know a lot women love it.
Well ordinarily I would say if she says no then that's your answer. However, if she's saying no because if an underlying reason that you can reassure her and help her with then that may be worth talking through.

Perhaps sensitively ask her what her reasons are, but do it outside the bedroom (not just after she's said no!). It could be that she hasn't had time to make herself feel clean, or it might be that she's tried it with another partner and he didn't use the right technique, so she thinks she doesn't like it.

Be gentle, be sensitive, be understanding. But also be prepared that this is something you just might not do together - hell there's lots more to do in the bedroom ;o)
I have had many female friends who do not like to recieve oral sex for a variety of reasons. If you have only asked once it could mean the female has an infection or is in her period and doesn't want you to know about it. If you just began your relationship she may not be comfortable with you. She could also have had bad partners in the past who didn't do it "correctly" so she never enjoyed it. OR it could be that she simply does not like it.

I wouldn't pressure the female about it. I'd ask her why she doesn't want to have oral sex performed on her. If she is comfortable enough to have a sexual relationship with you she should be comfortable enough to tell you her reason. If she doesn't answer don't bother her with it again.
Well speaking from personal experiance, I love to give my husband oral sex, really i know he likes it and just that makes me pleased, but Im yet to let him do it to me. I really don't know why, just have this feeling of, he wouldn't enjoy doing it, or maybe he feels he has to do it because i do it to him.
I really dont know...just doesn't sound appealing to me. We have great sex so it just doesn't seem like there is much of a reason to. Im mean do guys really like to do it? Oh well but there is my two cents. Hope it helped

And as far as the comment a couple posts below saying we just give men oral sex to get them...may be true for that person, but i have been with my partner for a long time and have talk with my friends and we all give oral sex because it brings us pleasure knowing that we can make our partners feel good. I have always felt, just because you got me, doesn't mean you don't have to work to keep me :) take care
Talk to her about it. Find out what her reason is for not wanting to receive. She may be concerned about her taste or smell... if that is that case you can reassure her that you like it.
If, on the other hand, she just doesn't enjoy it, then you can talk to her about the possibility of trying a different technique. Let her tell you what to do... it may make a difference.
If she still doesn't want to though, don't pressure her. When it comes to sex, different people like different things.
My friend, oral sex is simply one of the many measures we use to convince men that they want to be with us. We will give, give, give until we feel that you are ours and will not be going anywhere anytime soon. Then we take it away. Many of us women will not admit to that but that is the HONEST truth!
One of the reasons maybe is that it's not something conventional for her. the idea of giving oral sex to men has been around for a long time but givign oral sex to women is something...usual...
your partner maybe just uncomfortable with the thought but if you make her comfortable with it...maybe it'l ease her mind
Well she just is not comfortable with that. Could be embarassed about how it smells ect. If she doesn't want you to go down there than do NOT go down there. It's her decission. And if i were you i'd be happy that she's willin' to give you oral. that might change!

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