ive been fingered several times, does that mean my hymen is broken?

ive been fingered 4 times easily, it didnt hurt at all. ive also been using tampons for a couple years now but im not sure if this means that my hymen has been broken. i never bled or anything or felt any pain. im not even sure what a hymen looks like so im not sure if mine has been broken or not.
Answers:    I would have to take a look at it. What day is good for you?
It's gone if you've used tampons. You don't necessarily bleed or hurt when it tears. I didn't.
No it's not for sure gone or broken, because it doesn't totally block the entrance.
Dear, IT is possible that your hymen has been broken, but not necessarily. Even if your hymen is broken, you are still a virgin until you have intercourse. Read this: http://www.coolnurse.com/hymen.htm
It's probably gone.
If you have a cycle, you should be going to the gyno. If you're sexually active whatsoever you should also be on some kind of birth control. When you do go to the doctor's, ask if your hymen is still intact. They will be able to tell you right away. And no, you don't always bleed when it breaks. You might just spot for a minute. Hymens can break from being over active in sports, or they can diminish over time with tampon use.
Many things can break your hymen and you might have already torn it before being so happily fingered. A good fall on your bicycle or doing the splits can also stretch or tear it.
coolnurse.com is the best way to find out, there are alot of great replies here, Maybe ask you Doctor too.
If it is broken it is not because of being fingered, it would more than likely be from your tampons, but not likely at that.
You can do both and the hymen can just stretch. The only way to make sure that it is broken is with intercourse.
The hymen is most closely related to hype. Misconception
You may have been born without it. You may have had an avccident early on and enlarged it Or "BROKE it" too many possiabilities. You say youve been fingered 'Often" that means someone else is doing it. You really want dirty fingers there? Your vulva is your FUN zone keep it safe and clean.
Well, it's pretty far up there, so depending on the length of the fingers and the boldness of the (wo)men performing on you, it may or may not be. I know when I first had sex and the hymen broke, I bled. A LOT. So, just from personal experience, you'd know.
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