Ive been sleeping a lot lately?

im normally a sleeper, but ive been sleeping A LOT lately. more than i used to before, atleast. i know im not depressed or anything because well.. im just not ahah. i noticed this during hte past week.. im not sure if my period is coming soon or not but is there an explanation to this, should i go to the doctor?
Answers:    Could be lack of iron, or you could actually be depressed, you don't have to know you are depressed to actually be depressed, or pregnant.
You are pregnant!
You could be anemic. Its a low level of iron in your blood and it makes you tired.
if u did it u now wats coming. visit a doc for more info on wat u have
...ooooor.. you could just be going through a phase.
how old r u?
just like babies... teens will go through stages where they need more sleep than usual due to growth.

there are so many reasons... serious and not.

I would at least call a doctor. they will have the right questions to ask.
i've been going thru the same thing latley.i'm going to make an appointment with my doctor on monday.i'm tired all the time. i slept 12hours last night and i was still tired when i got up.i've also had the flu for about 2 weeks.this past week i felt better,no nasuea,headache and such,but im soo freakin tired still
Well there is not much the doctor would be able to do, for all you know is that your sleeping more. It could be a factor of many things. Like your bed, it might not be comfortable enough and you find yourself tossing and turning. Is there anything on your mind? Many factors could cause this. For now just keep a eye on it, but if you notice that nothing you do changes how you sleep, or it gets worse where you sleeping even more, then I'll go see a doctor. Until then just rest and eat good food none of that fast food crap.

Good luck.
maybe you are masturbating too much

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