Will exercising make will make my breasts smaller?

When I was in good shape, I was a 34-C, now that I've gotten fat, my breasts have ballooned! (Think DD+) I am getting myself back in shape and I hope to fit back into a regular size bra. I don't want to go and have a breast lift. I remember someone telling me that doing "girl" push ups will help to lift them, what about shrink them?
Answers:    They'll probably go back to around the size they were before.
who cares as long as ur in shape
They will shrink some but you can avoid it by concentrating on specific areas that you want. This will maximize you results
Not wearing a bra very often makes them go down.What you could do is do a lot of exercise, because your breasts are fat.So if you lose weight, you should lose some fat there too.
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Yeah, if you work out enough you'll start to eat away that area of fat tissue.
Yes, exercise will shrink the breasts. But only if you lose pleanty of weight.
if you gained weight than yes if you lose the weight again your breast size will decrease thats because sometimes when you gain weight the fat goes into your chest and when you lose it you well you lose it
a DOUBLE D? ( * Y * ) :o lol
i think that excersizing will make them less saggy or w/e but not smaller or bigger
They will be smaller if you are carrying less body fat. Chest exercises (i.e. bench press, flys) will help tone the underlying muscle and make your breasts firmer and "higher".
Maybe, I love big boobs on women but I like a woman to be healthy and happy even more.
Well ask your self this, would you rather that your breast sag down or have them shrink a little?
My wife (as well as other women) tell me that breasts is the FIRST place they lose weight.

As for weather you'll have to have them "lifted," excercising the underlying muscles (pectoral, etc) can help lift them, but they're still gonna be a bit saggy - that's just gravity, baby.
Yes when you lose weight you will lose it there same as everywhere else. Strengthening the underlying muscles will help them look better too.
I researched this for my wife once. When you start working out and loosing fat they will shrink at first but don't get scared it slows from loosing fat there soon and you start loosing it from other parts of your body.
A few years ago I gained about 40 pounds. My breast size went
up considerably. I lost alot of the weight over the past few years and my breast size decreased. Usually when you gain or lose weight the breasts are greatly effected
More than likely they will get smaller, but it is hard to say if you will need a lift. Before I had my baby I was in perfect shape, and during the pregnancy I gained 60 pounds and my boobs got huge. I lost all the weight in about 9 months, and got back into pre pregnancy shape. My boobs also went back to smaller than they were before. I ended up getting a boob job, but not needing a lift. I say after you are back into shape go to a good plastic surgeon to get a professional opinion. I am surprised at how well my breast help up from the pregnancy and weight gain. I went from a 32b to a large D while pregnant, then lost it all again in a short amount of time and didn't need the lift along with the new boobs. It is just hard to say if you will need one.
i heard if you lose weight thier the first ones to go.
Body building causes you to lose fat. Breasts are largely made up of fat, so yes, it can happen. It usually needs to be a pretty intense training program to cause a huge difference.

When you gained weight, your body created millions of new fat cells. When you lose weight, the fat cells shrink, but never go away, so you will might never get them down to their original size. Fast weight loss will cause sagging since there isn't enough time for the skin to adjust.

Toning the chest muscles will make the girls appear a little smaller (as the muscle underneath gets lean and strong) and will help hold them up a little better.
from a guy. Although I don't know you, don't worry about that. I'm sure they are OK. Wish I could say as much about my physical being but I'm kinda old. Don't shrink. There is nothing more beautiful as natural. Do your exercises and hang (oops) in there. I like girls that, well, you know. You're fine. Go girl.
They will become smaller only do to the weight loss they will go back to size before. I lost a cup size when I lost 75 pounds. But they still look fine!! lol
Losing weight will make them smaller, because they are mostly fat. However, they won't be quite as youthful or perky as before, because the skin was stretched out.

Push-ups work your pecs, and "girl" push-ups work your arms... neither is going to lift or shrink your breasts I'm afraid.
Yes they will get smaller. However a woman who takes care of her body and is fit is more attractive to me than breast size alone.

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