How much does a DNC cost?

I went to the doctor yesterday because I have had my period for 10 days...which is very abnormal for my body. Since I'm already anemic, they are worried about my iron. The doc wants me to have a DNC done to clean things out. He thinks this will help my period become more regular. I dont have insurance. Does anyone know about how much they cost without insurance?
Answers:    Punky I am so sorry to hear you are having health problems.
this Cost really depends on where you live! I have had one here in Florida and it really is PAINFUL and EXPENSIVE!
I Ended up paying almost $2500.00 and was down for alomost 2 weeks, So i would advise you to have someone with you afterwards if you do this but i really opt for a 2nd opinion from another Dr. Plus there are System Cleaners and Herbal things you can do other than having to go through all of this sweetie.if you need help or any advice IM me... i am here for ya!
it is not DNC, it is a D AND C, stands for dilletation and curretage, they scrape your urterus lining. As for how much it costs, ask you doctor what he charges for doing this, then ask your hospital what they is expensive, I can guarantee you in this country is ridiculous.
I think it depends. I've had about 7 of them but I've always had insurance. I thought I saw about $2000.00 on one of them. Can you have the surgery through a hospital that has a sliding scale for patients without insurance? I know our hospital (Yale) has a program like that. Good luck and I'm sorry you have to go through this.
Well, I live in Maryland and work for the surgery center and it is only $2,000.00 here.
Why didn't you just ask your dr.? Call the office and talk to the receptionist.
Ask your doctor.
I had a D & C back in January due to a miscarriage and the total hospital bill was $5,000. I have great insurance that paid for it all but I still looked over the insurance statement when I got it. Thank goodness for insurance.

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