How stessed do you have to be to miss ur period plz help?

how stressed out do u have to b to miss ur period b/c i have been stressed out about alot of things and idk if i missed my period or its late or wat so plz help i was suppose to have it on the 30 or 31 so wat do u think
Answers:    I am extremely stressed out to the point where I can't even breath right and I was 9 days late i was supposed to start on the 21st but didn't start till the 30th. so if your just stressed just calm down and take a deep breath and you should be ok unless your sexually active then I would get a test.
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dont worry it can change sometimes... ull get it probably this week ..its not a big deal..few days difference wont do any happens to me all the time.
I don't know the exact stress level needed, but it's ironic that worrying about being pregnant will cause stress and may delay your period, which will in turn cause you more stress.
Mine is always 1-2 weeks late. Just stop stessing about it...that is the main cause of your stress.

If it still hasn't come in a couple of weeks, take a test.
There's no magical formulation really, every woman's body and its responses are different. When a woman is stressed out, her body may sense that it is not the best time for her to conceive a child. In doing so, the woman's body usually does not allow her to have a menstrual cycle--no ovulation, and no period. I missed all kinds of periods in high school due to stress, sometimes I only had 4 or 5 in a year. Other girls I know have never skipped a period---once again, every woman is different. Your period may just be a few days late, or you may miss it altogether, it's hard to say---remember that February is 2-3 days shorter than other months, and that may throw off your calculations. If you're concerned you may be pregnant, then wait a week and take a test. Otherwise, enjoy the month off!
its probably a little late. Just wait a couple of days or weeks if it doesn't come by the end of this month then maybe you could go see your dr. But you probably have nothing to worry about.
This used to happen to me all the time. Most definitely stress can mess things up a bit, like your period. Unless you feel you have other cause to worry, then don't. You may even miss your period due to stress, but that can happen too.
You don't need to be stressed at all. A lot of things can effect your period such as stress, malnutrition, altitude change (yes stewardess' are known to have irregular periods) and even nature. Your period may be on the same day every month for years then it may change ..that is just nature. If you go for 2 or months then I suggest you check w/ your GYN.

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