Should I get an attorney My doctor left a staple in after surgery?

I had a hysterectomy surgery 2 years and recently found a staple left in my stomach in the belly button area what should I do? would that be considered medical malpratice?
Answers:    only if it has caused you medical problems. if it hasn't just have it removed and let the doctor pay the cost of surgery. the suit part seems frivolous if you haven't had problems due to it.
most definately get yourself a laywer and see what they have to say
Yes, sue that doctor for all the money he has. and oh my god what made you not look or feel ...your skin there for 2 years ! There had to be some sort of irritation going on ?
Perhaps...if the staple came out, would you fly around the room like a deflating balloon?
Yes you should just to see what they have to say amd so you have a back bone in case of anything that goes wrong do not let the docter that put it in there take it out for no cost
I believe so. Yes, you should get an attorney, but first seek the medical attention you need to get that staple out.
And don't just sue. Yes, you should prosecute the doctor for medical malpractice, but don't sue unless you truly feel that they were unable to perform the operation safely because of their personal decisions.
Hope I helped.
Ok, I know you didnt want that staple in there but c'mon, just have them take it out. Especially if there is no adverse effects. All this sueing over shiit is getting out of hand. No wonder no one can afford medical help.
Unless it has caused a permanent injury I don't think it would do any good. I think that is called a human error, doctors are humans too.
the sooner u report this the better.there is no excuse for this malpractice..good luck !!
Have the staple removed ( your choice to return to that doctor or not). Then consider if you have had complications from the staple being left in? In other words, have you had repeated infections or some other troubles? If not, is it worth the trouble?. Attorney fees are really high and you must be able to show some detrimental effects. On the other hand, a post op X-ray is usually done to check for sponges, etc., that may be left from surgery. Get your medical records and look them over. You could have the record reviewed and get a professional opinion.
Did it cause you any harm?, If not, what are you going to sue over? If there was swelling remaining when the rest of the staples were removed, he/she may not have seen it. I know I've removed sutures and staples and a day or two later I found one I missed. Some times the surrounding tissue hides it well. It would be even easier to miss one in the navel.
See a doctor first before you jump to conclusions. Why are people always trying to sue other people when all they were trying to do is help in the first place. I hope I am not the only one who says you are f*cked up for trying to take advantage of those who help you.
Suing over a staple in the skin? Are you serious?

Its not like an set of scissors or a swab left inside you that made you sick. Presumably - you do not need to have surgery to have it removed. It has not caused you any hardship -presumably it is not infected.
Dont you need to have some kind of damage due to the staple being left in to really think you are due to be compensated?

It is VERY easy to leave a skin staple in after surgery. The skin and belly is swollen and often irregular or lumpy along any suture lines. Sometimes there are just not visible for weeks after the surgery when the swelling has settled. This is more common in women who carry larger amounts of fat around their abdomen.
The staple needs removal (now I would expect to be able to go to the same doctor and have it removed for no charge). If there is a problem with removal then maybe I would consider some compensation.

Why would you need compensation for a staple left in your skin?
I would feel guilty trying to sue someone for something that really hasnt caused any damage.

There are people out there who have truly been treated poorly by the medical system. That is who the legal system is set up for.
I am not sure how and why you found it now. If it has caused no health threats. I would seek a doctors opinion on removal. That's not malpractice just negligence. You will have to check you state law on that.
You can always call a lawyer who will ask you questions to see if you do have a case. It will mainly rely on if you have any "damages" or "disability" due to the staple. If you didn't have any problems which lead you to the discovery of the staple, the odds are you might not have a case.

(Fives week after not having healed from galbladder removal surgery, it was discovered that I had 7 staples clamped onto my bile duct--totally destroying it. This occurred when the surgeon was trying to clamp/close the stump and vessel after removal of my galbladder, which only requires 1 - 2 clamps to get the job done. I waited 2 years until I retained an attorney, because I needed to have my bile duct repaired first (more surgery with another doctor of course) and then be recovered from the surgery.)

Again, call an attorney who specializes med-malpractice and he/she will let you know whether or not you have a case. Best of luck!

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