Should I shave my stomach?

I have dark hair so I've been contemplating shaving my stomach. Its not that bad so I want to know if it will grow back thicker or as fast as leg hair.
Answers:    if it bothers you wax it. it won't grow back thicker unless you are still going through puberty, in that case the hair on your body may still be growing and changing, but in this case it will darken even if you DONT shave it. waxing lasts longer and won't leave you with stubble or a rash. lots of women get that fine hair on their tummies though, it's very normal... but it's totally up to you what you do about it. good luck!
shave it, and i think it will grow back...uh..thicker...
It will grow back, I would just wax it
Try using a depilatory cream or waxing first. Shaving tends to make the hair coarser.
try waxing
The best thing is to use a depilitory...the hairs usually don't grow back soft. They will come back a little coarser...
Wax it
Dont shave it. It will grow back thicker and darker. Try some wax, or one of the hair removal creams, or just pluck them out with tweezers.
Yes it will grow back thicker, once you start shaving an area you usually have to continue the practice.
Waxing is way better than shaving. You'll get stubble which isn't very nice there. Wax wax wax! (this is from someone who hardly waxes though... take that as you will). It works though...
Use a hair removal cream like Veet or Sally Hanson; creams are much better than shaving or waxing. No that is a myth; it will not grow back thicker or darker. Several dermatologists have told me it is a myth and they were right.
i think that you should just leave it. its kinda wierd 4 a girl to shave her shomack. Also it might grow back thicker and you dont want that!
I shaved that line below my belly button cause i was bored, anyways, it ended growing out even darker and thicker!
Try waxing it!
I started doing that just because I was a little self conscious when wearing a bikini. I end up having to shave it every other day. But it does not seem to come back thicker or anything, I just think the stubble is unnattractive. It's like the stubble you get on your legs. I only shave right around my belly button because it's all that's really noticeable. I have a little bit leading up to my chestline, but it's really fine and turns blond in the summer anyways.
if you shave you will likely get stubble and ingrown hairs.Use a cream hair remover.or you could bleach it and get rid of the darkness.
it won't grow back thicker or fuller, but you may get nasty ingrown hairs. Depending on how sensitive your skin is you should try waxing or hair removal cream. However both can make you breakout a bit if your sensitive.
I do and it does not come back that fast or thick because there isnt suppose to be hair there.
I used to shave mine, but using a depilatory cream such as Nair works much better!
NO don't shave it!! it will grow in thicker and darker. try waxing the area instead. by waxing the hair follicle is removed and in time the hair will stop growing in. sure this may take a while but in the mean time it saves you from shaving for 3 weeks!
don't will make it prickly

use Nair or wax it
I don't know if shaving is the answer. I don't perform this ritual, but a friend of mine does. She dislikes hair on her body (apart from that on her head), so she will use Nair to get rid of the excess hair. It then takes longer for it to grow back. If you shave, you will have to do so more often and it may come in coarser.
It will most likely grow back thicker and also darker. If you start shaving you will have to continue doing it.If you have sensitive skin please don't wax,it will probably be better if you shave it however it will be a hassle to do it every time the hair grows back.But then again even if your skin is sensitive its just a few quick moments of pain with waxing.OK, I'm really confusing so I'll just give you a straight answer now : wax it.Good Luck!!
I shave my hairy stomach once in a while, and it's not thicker. It's the same before I shaved it.
it will grow as fast and as thick as your leg hair
Wax it or epilate it. Buy a Braun epilator if you want to remove it that way. Don't shave it because it will all be back the next week. I've heard that hairs can eventually stop growing if you keep removing them by their roots.
dont shave wax

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