First Gyno Visit.?

I have a gyno appointment next week and I've never been there. I was just wondering exactly what to expect. I've heard a lot of horror stories. Should I be concerned?

Thanks for the help.
Answers:    Most women are a little nervous, but it's really not a big deal and it is quite important to your health to have regular gynecological care,

FIrst, be sure the doctor or PA or nurse practioner knows this is your first pelvic exam. This will alert them to explain everything as they go. If your provider does not seem caring and patient, get up and leave and see someone else. That is not the norm and you should not settle for care that is not compassionate.

Do not douche or have intercourse for a couple of days before your exam. This can disrupt the cells tested in a Pap test and give inaccurate results. (In fact, you shouldn't douche at all unless a doctor prescribes it for a specific condition. It does more harm than good and is entirely unnecessary and may even increase the risks of endometriosis.) A regular bath or shower is fine. You will usually be asked to empty your bladder and bowels if needed before the exam and may be asked to give a urine specimen, so ask if you need to "go" while waiting to be called back.

You will have your breasts examined as well and if you do not know how to do a breast self exam, please ask and they will teach you this other important self help techinique. The pelvic exam goes more smoothly if you can relax and cooperate. Slow deep breaths with your mouth slightly open may help.

The position for a pelvic exam is undignified, but necessary to give the best view of the anatomy involved. Your feet go in stirrups and you scoot your bottom to the edge of the table, then let your knees fall apart. Usually, you are covered with a drape.

The pelvic exam has two main parts. One is the speculum exam with an instrument that looks like a duck's bill. It feels odd but should not hurt. The "Pap smear" will involve using a device that looks like a little spatula to scrape a few cells from the vagina and the surface of your cervix. More cells are taken from the cervical canal with a tiny brush. You may have a little cramp or twinge when these endocervical cells are taken but it is very short-lived. These cells will be fixed and sent to a histology lab to be checked for abnormalities.

Next comes the "bimanual exam" which means the doctor uses lubricated gloved fingers inside the vagina and with the other hand palpates the organs from the outside through the abdominal wall. Some doctors will also do a rectal exam using one gloved finger.

Occasionally, a biopsy of the uterine wall (endometrium) is taken and the doctor will tell you if this is necessary. There is usually some cramping with this and you may spot afterward as well.

The lubricant used to make the exam more comfortable is a bit messy and you may want to use tissues to wipe after the exam and may be offered a minipad. It's good idea to use a pantyliner because you may have a few bits of spotting from taking the cells, especially if you have a biopsy. This is normal and not unusual.

You should be asked about your sexual activity and your use of birth control, if any, and about any plans to become pregnant. You should also be told when you will get the results of the Pap smear. Never assume that just because you haven't heard everything is all right. You should get negative results reported to you as well as any abnormalities. And you should also be told when to make a return appointment.

You may have a person of your choosing present during the exam if you wish and there should always be an assistant who is female with your during the exam whether your provider is male or female. Don't be afraid to admit being nervous or even asking to hold someone's hand.

There should be no horror stories with good doctors. If something doesn't seem right to you or bothers you, don't be afraid to speak up.

And congratulations on taking responsibility for caring for yourself this way.
Don't be concerned. I had my first one last summer and I was really nervous. I can't lie and say it wasn't a little awkward, but it's not bad. It doesn't hurt or anything like that. All the stories are just people making a big deal out of nothing. Just relax! You'll be fine. Good luck!
aw, hun youll be fine! you go in and change into a paper gown. you sit opn the table. the doc comes in with a nurse. you will have a breast exam done to make sure you dont have any lumps and then a pap smear. the nurse will stay in the room the whole time too. for the pap smear you edge down to the end of the table and open your legs. the doc with put a speculum in to the vaginal opening. then the doc will do the pap smear. it kind of looks like a mascara wand and it grazes over your cervix and picks up cells. the doc will exam the cells to make sure they are normal and not cancerous or precancerous. then the doctor may put two fingers into the vagina and one hand on your lower abdomen and feel your uterus and ovaries, also checking for lumps. thats about it. its not horrible. the pap smear is uncomfortable but not painful. just take deep breaths and go to your happy place. also do not have sex for at least 24 hrs before the appt. hope that helped
My first visit to the gyno was only a few years ago, but I was lucky enough to have a very wonderful doctor. First, they usually do a breast check for lumps. It's done by hand and it's very painless. Then comes the pelvic exam. Usually, the doctor will insert two fingers into your vagina and press on your abdomen. Usually this is done to check for STD's, vaginal infections, or uterine abnormalities, like cysts, fibroids, bleeding, or pain. It's a painless proceedure, though it won't be comfortable if you have to pee! Then, the doctor will conduct a pap smear. They insert a metal thing that spreads your vagina open so that they can do a visual exam and them take a long q-tip and swab the inside of your vagina so they can check for infections, abnormalities, etc. Personally, the exam doesn't bother me and i'm a baby, so i'm sure you'll be fine. Just be sure to let your doctor know that this is your first exam and they will most likely be very professional and tell you what they're gonna do before they do it. Good luck!
I took my best friend with me to my first gyno apt. What to expect. Well, they will talk their way through the whole apt. They will explain what they are doing. But you have to tell them that this is your first so they know to explain everything. Otherwise they will think you are a seasoned gyno person and will treat you like you have had them before. So say hey, I am new never had an apt before, please explain as you go. If the doctor is male he will have a female in the room with you. If the doctor is a female then it will probably be just you two. Unless you bring someone and you can have them in the room with you. They will have you sit on the table putting your feet in to a metal thing that holds your feet, you can remove or move your feet whenever you want, you are in control of the apt. Before they insert the little device they will tell you that they are inserting it, they will touch your leg with it to ask if its at an ok temp, not too cold. They will slowly insert this thing and the procedure is less than five minutes. They will tell you to relax your body, which is kind of hard because you are nervous. They may also put a finger in your butt to check for your colon, to make sure its okay, that takes less than a minute. What takes a long time is getting the results back. The apt itself is very fast. They will ask your sexual history, if you are sexually active, etc, because they need to know if there's a chance you could be pregnant or could have a venerial disease. They will talk to you about birth control. So I guess most of it is them talking to you. I have had this apt when I was in the military with military doctors who were mean and the apt still didn't hurt and went by fast. Don't let people scare you, you will be fine. Oh and I was a virgin when I had my first apt and it didn't make a difference.
I was just at the gyno tonight, for the 7th time since September, and it's not all that bad. I have medical issues which make it quite painful for anything down there but normally they shouldn't hurt too bad. I got my first when I was 15 years old, at my first prenatal appointment, so you just have to remember that it's for your own good and you need to stay on top of your health. If you are sexually active or have irregular periods they will probably want to talk about birth control options, you didn't say your age or if you are sexually active so I'm not sure, but don't think of the horror stories or your mind will make it hurt worse than it really does. If you aren't sexually active and have no menstrual problems, they might just ask questions and do a pelvic exam, which is not as bad as the pap. Either way, they will talk you through it step by step to let you know what they are doing. Don't be afraid to ask questions, it's your body and your health.
Relax when you get there.

And when you see that "tool" come out, do yourself a favor and ask the doc to warm it up under warm water.

There will be a nurse in the room too, so you'll be ok!
no i wrnt to mine yesterday its nothing it tickless
Don't be nervous, it is not as bad as people think. You will go in and they get your vitals, weight you and then the doctor will do a breast exam and them you will have a pap smear. It is a little awarded but not bad. then the doctor will discuss with anything of concern. if you have questions you would like to ask then write them down and ask he/she when you get there. it something women have to do the rest of our lives you just get use to it.

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