belly rubin?

how can this effect me and my health
Answers:    Do you mean bilirubin?

It is the yellow pigment that causes jaundice. It is produced when the red blood cells in our body dies. High bilirubin levels can cause brain damage and have other cytotoxic effects, especially in infants, but elevated levels in adults have been associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and cancers
What is Belly Rubin?
Is it like a Reuben sandwich? That makes your belly happy.
I assume you mean bilirubin. It turns you skin yellow and can cause jaundice if you don't have enough. Usually sunlight gives you plenty.
no, but sounds like fun to me
its red blood cells at the end of their life span collected in the liver and excreted as bile..makes your feces the color that it is..too much in circulation may cause jaundice and may indicate liver damage or failure.
bilirubin? If you are healthy then you need not worry about it. Sometimes gallbladder,liver problems and other issues will affect the level in your body and cause a yellowish discoloration to the eyes and skin. A newborn can have this problem but usually resolves quickly after several bowel movements and exposure to light.
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