I think I might have lost a tampon?! is this possible?!?!?

Ok so about an hour ago i was sitting and I could feel blood coming out like my tampon was leaking or something, so i thought i needed to change it so i went into the bathroom.. and there was no tampon! I cant remember if i put one in or not! there were 3 in the garbage can, and if I put one in at 10 when i woke up, at 2 when i went somewhere and like one at 6 or something then that would be 3, but I cant beliebve i would take one out and just forget to put one back in. So i am totally stressing out. I was pushing really hard thinking it would come out but nothing, I cant feel anything in there when im pushing. Would i be able to feel it? I stuck a thing thats about like 4 inches long up into my vagina thinking i could feel it pushing it in more if it was in there, but i didnt feel anything.
Answers:    Check with a doctor
Gross, like we wanted to hear that
You will have to search for it , it s in there
no it cannot get lost up there..there is no where for it to go
no you cannot "loose" a tampon inside you...you probably forgot to put another in--I do that ALL the time!! lol
Maybe to much sex is the reason you cant feel it!
No. It's not possible for you to lose it. It gets up in there and forms to you so don't worry. Nobody found your tampon or anything.

You must have forgotten to put one in. I have done that, thinking of other things.
What goes in, will come out.
It could have happened. You should go to the doctor just to be safe. Do you remember hearing about the toxic shock scare? A friend of my Mom's left her tampon in for too long and she had to have a few of her fingers amputated.

Better safe than sorry
the only thing I can think of (not to be gross) is to feel up there yourself with your fingers to see if you can feel it if you really think one is in there you need to find out because that can cause all kinds of problems .
If you stuck your finger in there and couldn't feel anything, then you probably do not have a tampon in. Also, where did the string go? Finally, you probably did just take it out and forgot to put a new one in. There's been a few times, where I went pee, and just pulled up my pants. I mean you do only have your period once a month, it's not that crazy of you to forget about it for a moment. I am sure you're fine. Quit freaking. And don't stick weird things in your vagina. You should be able to feel a tampon with your finger. Also, you could try getting a mirror and looking up there.
no you can't loose a tampon like that i that you would be able to feel it but if by some way you did go see your doctor right away
I don't think there is one up there I mean you will be able to feel of course since it's that long so just don't mind it you just most probably forgot to put.What time did you feel the leak?.
Maybe you pushed it in so far it came out your butt..Ever thought of that? My God, you people give way too much info as where you stick your greasy little fingers...Now go wash your hands like a good little girl.. P.S. A note to LedZepBabe-- See what happens when you stick too many fingers inside your puss...you lose them...
What goes in must come out! If for some freak of nature the string to your tampon fell off the tampon itself it will come out on its own in a few days, but chances are you just forgot to put one in there. It really is next to immposible for a tampon to get lost up there.
If this is serious and you have a partner then have them look for it. Losing is not really a good word, because if it is there you can find it it just maybe at a bad angle. If it is one of the really small ones that doesn't have an applicator they can be hard to retrieve. My sister had to go to the doctor get hers out. And she is a RN.
Leaving it in is not an option it can cause toxic shock, and you can die.
If this is a joke not really funny but hopefully it will help others to know the answer.
you just forgot to reinsert a another one and i
doubt that blood would have come out if one was in there anyway.
ok, first don't freak out..do you feel the string? if not more than likely you just got busy and was in a hurry and forgot..usually a tampon only goes so far, the cervix usually stops it from getting any higher which would mean it would go in the uterus which is unusual..it has happened but normally it would have to be really forced in..like in the act of sex or something..my sister is a nurse and i asked her this and she said its very rare, in her over 20 yrs of nursing they only had one case and that was a middle aged woman who had forgot and had sex..the thing is some women actually use two tampons if their flow is heavy.i wouldn't suggest it though..i think though you are freaking out which i am sure you know is making it worse and your imagination is then getting pushed into overdrive.very, very rarily does anyone especially someone young like you every 'lose' one up inside. just behave as normal and if you find over the next few days you still panicked over it then you may want to say something.but a little word of comfort here i think every girl/woman ever to have used tampons thinks this has happened to them.i think you can rest assured if you pushed and didn't feel anything then there isn't anything there.good luck and don't worry, its fine
Tell your mother what happened ask her to make an appointment with your obgyn to check it That's not uncommon to happen mot do that.They push themselves as far up as they can then they get stuck.

Never feel embarrassed to tell your mother anything.She's your best friend
Listen, I work at a hospital. YES it can get stuck. If you start to get dizzy, feverish, sick to your stomach or anything in that matter, get to the ER. Its TSS. Read about it on the instructions that come in the box. It happens more than you can imagine. Try using your fingers, it's better than the doctor digging in for it.
Hope everything comes out okay.
there is no way that a tampon gets lost inside, you should stop freaking about, probably you took it out and dont remember
you can not physically lose a tampon in your vagina. however, if you did leave it in and can't find it, lay down on your bed and feel around if you don't feel any thing and think it's still in there.. then make an appointment tomorrow, doctor's won't think you're crazy.. they see stuff like this all the time.
To put your mind totally at ease, there is no way that you can lose anything up there, I had a similar situation one night of drinking and I was prob. just as scared as you, I actually called the ER to ask them and they said that if you felt and didn't feel anything that there was no way that it could have went anywhere, so put your mind at ease and just figure that when you went to the bathroom you were prob. just thinking about somthing else and totally forgot about it.
Nah, you can't lose a tampon like that. You just forgot to put one in.
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