Can you get pregnant even if you have a condom on?

can you get pregnant if your using protection?
can you get pregnant even if it doesn't break?
Answers:    Any small defect in the condom, like a rip or tear will immediately make it ineffective. Also, sometimes the condom can slip when it is in use. This is normally caused by improper use.

It is important you know how to use them. I know it's an embarassing subject, but you really must learn how to use them properly - talk with your family planning clinic or sexual health nurse. Condoms can not only stop unwanted pregnancies, they can save your life! Get some good information and remember the only stupid question is the one you don't ask.
yes...why have you had sex without protection?
When used correctly condoms are 97% effective.
ABSOLUTELY, YOU CAN!! If the condom were to break, you have just as high of chance as without one, condoms are NOT 100% effecive
Yes because there isn't such thing that's 100% proof.

be careful
no, not unless the condom breaks. there is nothing is touching u internally exept for the condom
the best thing to do is use a condom with a spermicide.
If you're using the condom correctly (put in on right and its the right size for the man, especially because they usually buy ones that are too big. Statistical fact.) then you should not get pregnant. If it didn't break, there's a much higher chance it prevented an unplanned pregnancy. Like all birth controls, they are not 100% effective so anything is possible.
If the booger leaks (as el cheapos are prone to do) then, yes, you can get pregnant even if it doesn't break. My advice is to buy the best. They're cheaper in the long run!
condoms are tested many times (as advertised in staying dont fear.
to ensure the quality of the product, place at cool temperature. never place a condom in the wallet or in the pocket since it may have high temperature...this might damage the condom and might damage your sexual organs..
also check the labels for more details or find websites that provides tips about condoms.
YES!! Condoms are only 99% efffective. Even if it doesn't break there could be a tiny pinhole smaller than the eyes can see that sperm could get through and possibly cause pregnancy. Using condoms is practicing safe sex, but the true safe sex is abstinence. Better to be truely safe than sorry if you're not ready for a long road of responsibilities.
yes.any questions can be directed to my 4 month old daughter... and 2 yr old son..
Yes you can still get pregnant with protection. Even if it dosen
t break it dosen't mean it did'nt possibly have a small hole or tear in it. Nothing is fool proof except NO SEX!
Yes... they can have tiny hole/s in them...though spermicide would help in that case...however nothing is 100% except not having sex.
Yup, Yup!

These are not a safe effective device for birth control. They can help reduce the spread of STD's but that's about it.

Just say NO! It's not just for drugs anymore!

The Ol' Sasquatch Ü
Yes you can.
If he is using too big of condoms then I would see about getting him some that fits. If you do not want to get pregnant then prevent as much as you can.
If you are very sexually active then you could see about birth control pills. Be careful..
Obviously, if it breaks, the semen will leak out. Breakage is unusual, though.
An old condom that has been stored in a hot place will be more likely to break, because the latex could be damaged.
If it is not properly applied (if he doesn't leave a little air space at the tip), it is more likely to break.
Or, if the vagina is dry.

Sometimes a condom can slide down a little on the shaft of the penis. If he doesn't notice this and continues to move after he ejaculates, some of the semen could leak out into the vagina.
If the condom is too large, this is more likely to happen. The regular ones fit most men.

A common mistake is when a couple doesn't STOP after the man ejaculates. Maybe she's not done, or they want to just lay there resting afterwards. As the erection fades, the semen will leak out of the condom.
To be safe, he has to take it out right after ejaculation, and hold on to it as he does this.

So yes, accidents happen! But if you are careful, condoms are really very effective.
most definitely...the only thing that is 100% effective is abstinance
A condom should be used to prevent STD not pregnancy.

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