Where do they sell the "sex change at home" kits?

I really need to know where cus im gonna perform plastic surgery on myself.
Answers:    If you're reffering to the Elastrator method of self castration and the like, there is an entire community of people on bmezine.com who can give you all kind of tips. The link below will explain the risks, as well as provide you with some pretty graphic consequence images.
it is not humanly possible to change the sex you are without actaully having surgery. You cannt rub a cream on yourself and poof your not a guy anymore. They have to cut off your penis and make sure they don't cut your veins, sry, ive never heard of an at home kit..
I have never heard of such things. I wouldn't suggest performing surgery on yourself---so much could go wrong. Why not discuss this with a doctor?
walmart sells everything these days!
Better yet, hire Lorena Bobbitt, she'll do it for you while you sleep.
Very funny.
wtf? i hope ur joking because thats fuking disgusting! ur a freak!!? wtf? are u some weir ascssss homo?
you're on crack

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