Does it hurt to get kicked in the vagina?

i've heard that it hurts for women to get hit in the vagina like it hurts does it really hurt that bad?
Answers:    Yes it does! I was in gymnastics for eight years, and there was one time where I was doing a back handspring on the balance beam. Well, my foot slipped and I straddled the beam full force. WOW that hurt! Then the coach made me do it again...but thats another story. So yes it hurts, but as bad as men.I don't think so. But getting hit in the boob is way more painful than downtown.
I would not know
I just had to mention in another recent comment that asking about being on the rag during the pill was low enough. Now you have to ask this. There are some strange things going on out there. Must I know about it?
The vagina is a highly inervated and sensative organ so of course it hurts to get kicked there. It hurts to get kicked any where doesn't it?
i dont think so. i dont think its easy for girls to get kicked there either, girls stuff is more underneith and guys stuff is out front more. it would hurt to get hit in the pubic bone, which i have experienced before. ouch. prob just as much as ne where else getting hit on the bone.
Yes it hurts to get to kicked in the vagina. I don't think it hurts us as much as it hurts men. Then again it depends on the force of the kick.
Of course, it is just like yourself getting kicked where it hurts!
Yes, it does hurt. Especially if they hit bone during the kick. Are you going to try it? LOL
oh my gosh yes! but not as bad as guys getting kicked in their area. but getting punched in the boob! oh my freaking god i think it might hurt more!
Why are all the guys answering this? Queer.. But being hut in the stomach hurts really bad! So all you men out there don't hut girls in the belly.. you might hurt something really bad!
I don't know how any woman could possibly know if it hurts as bad because we don't have the same anatomy so it's like asking someone who doesn't have a nose to scratch it and describe what it feels like. They can't they don't have one. However I as a woman can say that it does hurt very badly. There are tons of nerves in that area. When I was younger I fell off the seat of my bicycle and landed on the middle bar hitting my crotch. It was an intense excruciating throbbing feeling.
I've got hit with a soccer ball there it dose hurt just not as bad as guys hurt.
Yes it hurts. I've never been kicked there but when I was little I was standing on the bathtub and slipped and fell.I hit it and it hurt like h*ll.
Heck yes, it hurts to get kicked in the vagina. As far as being as painful as a guy getting kicked, the pain is all relative. Remember that this is a major location of nerves, for either gender.
yes it hurts! it depend on how hard you kicked how bad it hurts but if you get kicked ne where elso on the body it hurts usually...right? why wouldnt it hurt to get kicked there for us?
H E LL, yeah it hurts! doesn't it hurt u when some one kicks u down there? u know, we have feelings to.

i don't think it hurts as much as if though u were to kick a guy
How can you kick someone in the vagina? The vagina is internal. You must mean the vulva or possibly the labia. Sex Ed. 101.

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