What (besides pregnancy) could make u miss ur period?

Im 15 and i've had a regular menstral cycle since i was 11. so i know it cant be that. i could be pregnant, but im really scared. could ANYthing other than pregnancy make ur menstral cycle irregular? If so then WHAT? Thanx ahead of time
Answers:    I know you are probably freaking out right now, but you should really take a deep breath. Certain birth controls can cause your menstrual cycle to at up and come and go. I'm 19 and I've had a regular cycle since i was 12, but everyone once in a while it will mess up and come a week or so late. Stress is a big part in that. Stress slows your body down and screws with you a little. To be safe, I would say just go down to a store and buy yourself a home preg. test. That way you know for sure and can get rid of the fear of being pregnant. If you are, its really not the end of the world, at least you're not worried about a disease. Good luck and be careful!
my friend told me her doc said anorexia can make u miss it.
Whether you've been regular your whole time or not, your still fifteen and puberty plays a huge part in it. Another thing is stress. If you stress about prenacy, you can make it way late. So try and relax.
some girls just miss it my lil sis gets hers everyother month (sometimes) but if your having sex then your pregnet SOrry
Stress..You're 15 and you're having sex! Wow..be careful, wear a condom, and maybe you should really think about all the consequences
Lots of things...stress can be one of them. Low body fat percentage is another. If I have a cold or the flu, mine will be late.

Better get yourself tested to be sure though.
it may be due to hormonal imbalance also.
it could be due to stress. even over excercise.
so many things can cause a missed period that are not serious. Stress is the front runner. Have you been exercising more lately than you have previously? Often times, if your body is expending a lot of energy on an activity, it has nothing left for your menstrual cycle. Also, you may not be eating enough. Don't sweat it, many girls have irregularities from time to time and everything seems to work itself out sooner or later. Good Luck!
Even if you are having sex, there is no guarantee that you're pregnant. Your period will probably be irregular for the next several years. Hormonal changes (which happen throughout puberty), stress, weight changes, etc. will cause changes/ missed periods. Don't worry. However, if it has been 14 days since you had sex, go get a pregnancy test from the drug store.

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