Hi my girlfriend has one hip larger than the other does any one no of that?

Answers:    I do now.
Nobody is symettrical.
are you sure it's not just a hip off the old block?
Dude, i hate to break this to you but you only get one hip.

Do you mean her legs? her waist is uneven or something?
she might have scoliosis, which is where your spine is curved - it can be genetic or something you develop as a child by sitting wrong while your bones are growing. having your spine curved can also effect the placement of your hips. for example, if your spine curves to the right, it might cause your left hip to jut out more than your right hip.

to be sure, you girlfriend should see a doctor and get some x-rays of her back.
Yes as a matter of fact! My best friend has the same problem and when she went to a doctor about it she found out that it was Scoliosis. Due to the fact that her back has a curvature, one side of her body takes on more of her weight than the other side- causing her hip to grow larger for stability. Sounds odd- I know, but your girlfriend should definitely get a check up. Hope this helps!
Everyone has half of body that is slightly larger or smaller however u wanna look at it.Some people have it slightly bigger then others where it's noticeable.Usually u can't notice half of everyone's body is bigger then the other side.I've seen women that have 1 breast noticeably bigger then the other.I've seen people with 1 size larger with 1 foot from the other.So it's normal to be larger or smaller.Hopefully u get what I mean n have a great wkend.
Yep the left side of my hip sticks out more than my right and I'm only 13.
The right side of my hip sticks out a little more than my left, and I'm only 14.

Oh crap, that's scary! (Look at above answer)...

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