What does the term "pop your cherry" mean?

when a girls looses her virginity, what exactly 'pops' or 'tears'? why and where do you bleed from? how long does the bleeding last?
Answers:    The female vagina is covered by a thin layer of skin called a hymen. If the hymen has not already been torn by normal activity, such as sports, etc., when she has sexual intercourse, the hymen will tear. There will probably be a small amount of bleeding from the vagina that will last a short time. She may feel sore for a few days following the intercourse.
its mean she broke her hymen and could bleed for a lil while
Its the hymen that tears, nothing really gets popped. Popping your cherry is a vulgar term that was probably thought up by an insensitive guy. The bleeding only lasts a day or two, and its not as heavy as a period
it means one broke their hymen(small tissue past the opening down there!!
the bleeding lasts a minute or so.
and umm u bleed from where you hymen is down there!! and it is called pop because it make a pop noise when it gets broken!!

hope i help!!
litterally it means that she broke her hymen, but some people use it as "she poped her cherry" as the person having sex for the first time, even though not every one breaks theirs the first time having sex, some dont even break theirs durring sex.
"One of the biggest myths about being able to tell if a woman's a virgin that is still commonly accepted is the idea that you can tell if a woman has had intercourse by whether or not her hymen is torn."

"The hymen is a thin membrane that was likely around the vaginal opening when you were born. Most women are born with hymens, but the hymen doesn't usually completely cover the opening to the vagina. It isn't like a tarp or a blanket, or even the foil seal over the mouth of a brand new bottle of aspirin. The hymen is about as thick as a piece of plastic wrap in most cases -- just a little thin piece of skin, basically. What's more, even in women who have never had any sexual contact with anyone at all, not even masturbation, the hymen always has small holes in it. Why? Because women menstruate, and because they have normal vaginal fluids, and both menstrual blood and vaginal fluids need to have some way out of the vagina!"

" As far as bleeding, some women bleed during their first intercourse. Some do not. According to sexpert Alice at Columbia University, "It is possible, and common, for a woman to be a virgin and not have pain or blood during her first intercourse." Again, this comes down to whether or not your hymen has been stretched or to what degree it has worn away before intercourse, which, if you're in your teens, it most likely has to some degree.

We can blame much of the myth of the "bloody first time" on the whole issue or virginity, and the pressure put on women to be virgins. In some countries, this "bloodletting" becomes a matter of public display, where the sheets of the marriage bed are shown to the entire neighborhood to prove the worthiness of the wife. That's a lot of pressure, and through history, many women who had not had sex with others, but simply did not bleed (mainly in the case of lower-class women who did not have the luxury of sitting all day like upper-class women, and thus, whose hymens had already at least partially eroded due to normal physical work and activity), have hidden their shame and embarrassment by faking that blood with animal blood, or by cutting themselves. Often their mothers (who knew better from their own experience) would advise new brides to keep blood nearby for just this occasion."

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