Should men use tampons?

Is that even safe for men to use tampons? (I dont think so)
Answers:    how would they use them?...
they're made for women's vagina's so probably not!
Where would they stick them in?
Excuse me for sounding dumb, what on earth would he need one for?
What in sam hell are you talking about?
where would they put them and why would they need them? that is the weirdest question i have ever seen
ummmm.. NO!

first were would they put them and second they would probably be really uncomfortable if they did stick them somewere
I would have to say that it's only safe for a man to use a tampon if he's actually a cross dresser, transgender, transexual, etc...and is actually a women! A man would have no reason to use a tampon, unless he's a hemaphrodite (sp?) with a fully functional female reproductive system.
The best place a man can stick a tampon is in their mouth, and leave it there...
Are you kidding me?
Repeat the question to yourself and think! Nota
Hehe, if he wants to shoot them out of the plastic thinger, then why not use them?
But, if he's using them for bodily functions...where would he put it?

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