Is it bad to cross your legs?

i have sat with my legs crossed at the knee probably starting when i was around seven now i am fourty. i cross them every time i sit down, and always with the same leg right over left. eventually after a long period of crossing, my top leg gets numb. i have heard that crossing your legs can cause vein problems, back problems, and hip problems, i dont have any at all, but is this true that it is bad? do you cross your legs also? and are you aware it might be bad?
Answers:    If your leg is going numb that means you are compressing nerves. This isn't that big a deal if you do it once in a while but if this happens every time you cross your legs or if it happens for more than a few minutes each time you could cause progressive nerve damage. I would stop doing it.
yes it gives you vericose veins after long periods of time.'s slutty to sit with them spread eagle though.
Try a few years sat spread eagled - that should help.
My legs are crossed right now!! I can't help it!...i'm more comfortable this way.
i thnk it can be bad for circulation
crossing your legs cuts air off to your hey nanny nanny and if those parts do not have air, they get moldy and absorb moisture which leads to vaginosis.
It gives you varicose veins. to avoid don't cross your legs and wear panty hose every day
stop constantly crossing your legs and i doubt that it causes back problems ask a doctor
Yea it's bad for your circulation. The weigh of your right leg is on the left leg. It's like when you have a blood pressure machine on your arm tightening it. Try not to do it. Just have your legs closed.
Try sitting like Sharon Stone when she was being interrogated in that movie with Michael Douglas. It worked for her.
You pain and numbness might be from bad overall posture or poor circulation. Try exercising more. Also it's better to be in a little pain than considered a dirty girl.
yes, if you cross your legs you can cause varices in your veins.
Me, too. My mother taught me to do that or to sit with my ankles crossed, knees together. (She was born in the 1920s). I'm in my 40s and I have to constantly uncross my legs. It is bad for the veins and it's bad for your back and posture. Try to break the habit if you can. You don't want to get those problems like my mother did. She was walking stooped over with a cane in her early 60s.
yes it is very bad for you. i had to get out of that habit
dont know. ask your doctor. tell him for curiousity
Well it could be bad for the circulation and that is why you get the numbness. As far as hip and back problems go I've never heard of that problem but it may be possible.

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