Please tell me, when is mid morning?

On medication bottle directions says: Take mid morning,mid afternoon,and before bed.
Answers:    10:00am = midmorning
4:00pm = mid afternoon
10:00pm = evening pill

I'd say every 6 hours if you are to take your pills 3 times a day
I'd say about 9 AM
10 30
it is at about 10
10am 2pm...
Take it i the morning when it's convenient. Try to space out the dosages into even time periods.
9 am; mid way between dawn and noon
3 pm mid afternoon

my guess would be about 10 am. but why not just call your doctor or pharmacy to ask them so you can get the BEST answer from people who really know and aren't just guessing??
mid morning=around 10am

mid afternoon=around 12:30 or 1:00

mid evening=around 5:00 or 6:00
i say it's 10:00 or 10:30 for mid-morning.
maybe 2:30 or 3 :00 for mid-afternoon.
then yeah, before bed.
Depends when you get up, but I'd say about 10 a.m. is mid morning. (About half way between breakfast and lunch)
Depends on your daily sleeping and eating patterns.

Mid morning would be a couple of hours after you get up, mid afternoon, a couple of hours after lunch and before bed is pretty self-explanatory.

So say you get up at 8am...Take at about lunch at 1pm? Take at about 3-4pm...that's my guess!
I'd guess it means that you should take it between meals - so mid-morning means roughly halfway between breakfast and lunch/dinner, mid-afternoon roughly halfway between lunch/dinner and tea/dinner/supper (complicated, these different names for meals around the country!). Then before bed would again mean your stomach not being full and not having food going straight in afterwards.
Hi mid morning is usually between 9 and 12 in the morning so i guess that would be about 10 am i would ring your local chemist to make sure this is the best and safest advice you can get
If I remember correctly, mid morning is around 10 am, and mid afternoon is around 3 pm, and before bed is around 8 pm.
I don't think it is written in stone, meaning you should take the meds close to these times.
Hope this helps.
Between 10-10:30 AM is considered mid-morning and mid afternoon is about 2-2:30 PM. Hope this helps. But usually when this is stated on meds it means not to be taken with food. maybe a couple of hours after you have eaten.
I would place "mid-morning" somewhere around 10AM and "mid-afternoon" somewhere around 2-3PM. Are there any special requirements relating to food intake? I'm thinking maybe they are aiming for half way between breakfast and lunch and again halfway between lunch and dinner.
According to the clock, morning starts after midnight. The sun might not be shining yet, so mid morning would be 6:00am---the half way point before 12:00 noon. Morning is now over and the afternoon begins. It all depends on your schedule. How is your biological clock set? You can do 10:00 am for mid morning, 3:00 pm for mid afternoon and approximately 8:00 pm---if you have a habit of going to bed around 10:00pm.

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