How can I catch cold from not wearing any socks in my sneakers in cold weather?

My mother told me a few years back that I could catch cold from not wearing any socks in my sneakers (I hate wearing socks) when the weather is cold outside, and she was giving me lectures about it, and stating that I can get a cold that would never go away. I do not believe her, because I have been wearing my sneakers without socks in cold weather since I was 12 (now 34) and I never caught a cold. My feet are never cold when they are inside the sneakers, and my feet are used to the cold weather. I can wear my sneakers without socks when it is cold as 15'F, and not have a problem. But how can I catch a cold from not wearing any socks in my sneakers? Is this true or a myth?
Answers:    You catch a cold from contact with virusses, and when your immune system can't fight them off. The effectiveness of your immune sytem depends on many things; like general health, stress, food, and *core* temperature. If your *core* temperature drops, and your *nose* gets cold, you are at a higher risk of getting a cold, see the links in the source.

However, the way our body preserves or loses heat depends mostly on how well we dress our upper body and head. While the people in the linked experiment chilled their bodies by putting their feet in icy water, this was *only* because it was a convenient manner to do this. The CNN article I linked tells this, if you have a subscription to watch old video's please watch the video footage too; unfortunately many other newspapers caught the message wrong and reported 'cold feet cause colds'. But if you can watch the video you'll see the researcher clearly state that it was the CORE temp & what happened in the test persons' NOSES that made the difference.

This all is backed up by my own experiences. I am a year-round barefooter; however I dress warmly from the ankle up, I rarely if ever feel cold since I do this and also trained my body to colder temperatures. Before I started to go barefoot I'd wear socks and shoes but dressed less warmly on my upper body & head, I'd feel cold often and I was sickly all winter long.
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It has been said by doctors that heat escapes thru your feet and your head so its a good idea to keep feet covered to prevent catching cold or pneumonia due to cold weather
Cuz the cold virus that attacks your feet will have an easier time getting to you. Socks are a very effective anti-viral and anti-bacterial barrier than cannot be penatrated by the usual abilities of these pests.

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Yeah it keeps your feet warm. Also absorbs sweat, which will make your feet colder. Your immune system functions less effectively when you are cold.
thats a myth ... u hv cold due to viral infection
wearing socks jst keeps u warm n cosy and less vulnerable to cold whether
It's actually a myth. You can't catch a cold just from being cold. The only reason colds are more common in winter time is that the cold bacteria survives longer in colder conditions. I think that's right! :P
That's just something mothers tell their children.

You catch cold from germs, not low temperatures.
the way you catch a cold is by germs from someone else that has had one= you can touch things or be around people to get it=I have never heard anyone catching a cold from not wearing their socks =as a matter of fact my feet are warmer in my boots without socks
i don't think that you could actually get colds from not wearing socks. colds are caused by viruses (meaning that colds has no is self-limiting meaning it stops on its own) or allergens (dust, pollens, etc) that passes through your respiratory tract (starting from your nose down to your lungs), having colds is the body's response from them.actually it is a false belief that colds come from cold i don't think that there is actually a connection to that.
Well, this usually depends what type of weather conditions you are used to , but as my opinion you could catch a cold very easily. it is maybe true , but as in your situation i think it's a myth. Good luck! Way to go dude!
yes listen to your mom she knows everything
It is really just and old wives' tale. You can't catch anything unless you are subject to the germs. It is a good idea to keep your feet and head warm though so that you don't compromise your immune system. If your body has to work harder to keep itself warm, how is it going to be able to keep it healthy and fight off germs and bacteria?
i don't think you can, in health class they told us that cold weather does NOT cause colds, but that the viruses do, but most people associate cold weather with the time that you are more apt to catch a cold...

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