Best place to shoot yourself?

If one were going to kill one's self with a gun. What is the best place to shoot to ensure a lethat shot? The head? I heard that that the trajectory of the bullet gets changed when it hits the skull so depending on the angle you may end up a vegtable instead. The roof of the mouth? That seems like it would be difficult to aim correctly at the brain. Does the muzzle velocity of the gun play a factor in how much the trajectory is changed upon impact with the skull? Calibre size? 9mm vs .45? Shot to the heart?
Answers:    Don't do it.
the head or the heart
in ur back yard
Are you going to kill yourself?
get a machine gun
if you are going to kill yourself. 1st make sure you kill some murderers and rapists before that. Because otherwise they will go to prison for 1 year come out, and kill more.
Put it in your mouth pointing straight up
The neighbor guy did it through the bottom of his chin with a shot gun in his yard. Another guy I know did it through his temple in the shed in his backyard so know one would find him and try to save his life. I have no Idea how long he lasted before death. Why the question? If you are contemplating this, there are places you can go for help...any local church can help or hospital. Life is always worth living even if all hope is lost. There is a reason for everything, good and bad. Hope you find the answers you need. God Bless.
I have often asked myself the same question. I believe the simplest and most effective tactic would be through the roof of the mouth, sounds pretty tough to mess up. If you do live through it, maybe some sort of supernatural being is trying to tell you something. Anywho, a 9 mm. would be quick and painless. Shot to the heart, though it is an amazing song by Bon Jovi, would probably be the least assured route. Alot could go wrong, and you may just end up hurting yourself and looking stupid. But if you enjoy drama, it could be for you.
it's not good to ask a question like that. some people might read it and be motivated to commit suicide, remember that it is a mortal sin. life is so beautiful so you should treasure it.
I can't believe how mean & insensitive some of these answers are...

The best place to "shoot yourself" is over to the phone to call a friend or family member to tell them that you are feeling bad enough to shoot yourself. If you have no one to turn to, there are many websites to help people who are suicidal.

Why would anyone give you a sick answer, or advice. Very upsetting question. If you are going to do something like that, why upset other people? You really need help.
this is a sad question to ask and even sadder some people would even give ideas on how to do it. My respond it is all wrong. If you kill yourself you will go to hell in the bible suicide is wrong. And I think you need to see someone professional to see why you are asking this it clearly is not normal. Shame on you and shame on the immature people who have what they think a bright idea to respond with a dumb response how immature is that.
Rifle seems to be the most effective/destructive

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