Toothache, jaw pain and ear ache?

I've had these symptoms for about 24 hours, obviously I'm going to go to the doctors, but I can't get an appointment for another 2 days. Does anyone know what these symptoms are from? (All on the right side of my head) Anything I can do to alleviate it? Thanks
Answers:    if it is related to your teeth (u can guess it better) then you might have some tooth-cavity,gum diseases,newborn tooth.etc..if you feel pain from tooth-infection then you can use "clove oil" locally for temporary relieve or common pain killer like Paracetamol Tablets 500 mg (if you are above 15) thrice daily AFTER MAJOR FOOD (if you don have any grastric trouble like hyper-acidity,ulcers..burning sensetion)
or 250 mg thrice daily (IF you are below 15) AFTER MAJOR FOOD
your pain may arise from toncil-inflammation or minor infection or sore of throat (rarely) by seasonal viruses but not from sinus (as sinus-pain is more inclined with one-side of forehead-to-nose or head related no need to worry) but toncil-pains are associated with feverish-feeling or low-grade-fever,(you have't mentioned). you can use Paracetamol tablets if your pain is too accute . you must avoid all cold foodings and drinkings and try to drink little worm water with tiny salt in small amount from time to time.
So, thats all from me, get appointment and consult a doctor.
May you come round soon.
Sounds like a sinus infection.
it may mean that you need a root canal. take ibuprofen and see if a doctor or a dentist can prescribe you the antibiotic for it. good luck!
Could be a wisdom tooth. Have you had them through yet? They can be quite painful. Your doc can give you some antibiotics but go to the dentist aswell, they can advise whether you should have them extracted or not
Glad you are seeing the dentist, could be an abscess, can be very painful, may need antibiotics
sounds like you might have an infection of some kind.Good possiblity is an ear infection. That is ridiculous that you can't get in till two days from now. Now is when you need it , before it gets worst. I would consider going to the hospital for urgent care or call the drs back and tell them you can't wait two days you are in pain now. In the mean time take some ibuprofen. You can take 3 tablets at a time. It will help with the pain and inflamation. Good luck.
sounds like an infection of some sort, maybe an abcess under the tooth which can be incredibly painful. Try a mouthwash which is recommended after dental surgery like eludril which will keep it clean until such time you can see a dentist. If it is very bad your local hospital may have an emergency dental clinic or may prescribe some antibiotics to get rid of the infection. hope this helps.
Infection. Take ibuprofen AND naproxen sodium (3/2) until the doc can get you antibiotics.
Could be a migraine..When I get one all I feel is a toothache and ear pain!
Take a strong pain reliever every 4 hours. Mouthwash with Hydrogen Peroxide, and gently brush your teeth every 2 or 3 hours.. It will seep into the edges of the gums and help relieve the pain. It is very helpful. My Dentist recommended it many years ago and it always works for me for mouth pain, of any type.

I would not think an ear infection would give you a toothache, but I do believe a toothache could cause both of the other.
They are super close together.

An ear ache usually stays self contained.

Try the above and good luck.
Perhaps a tooth absess. My step dad had one and he had all the sympotms you have.
Sinus infection. ive had 1 before and it makes your teeth ache, throat scratchy, ear hurt. If only 1 certain tooth is hurting then it could be a toothache. Id call the doctor back and tell them your symtoms and that you cant wait 2 more days. Try a sinus pill like benadryl sinus. these are pretty good! If you think its a toothache because its only 1 tooth thats hurting then put some toothpaste directly on that tooth. You should also check yourself for a fever!
There is a nerve that runs on the side of the face. If it spasms, you have pain. It can be caused by eating a large sandwich like a grinder, chewing a big gumball, a recent dentist appointment, or a misaligned jaw. All these things effect the muscles in that area of your face.

The dentist will tell you what is wrong. In the meantime, try some Advil.

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