How do you know if you need your appendix taken out?

I'm just curious.
Answers:    You would get appendicitis.

Essentially, you would have severe abdominal pain and inability to eat without vomiting or nausea. Then you would go to the hospital.

Then you would be told that you have appendicitis.

only a doctor can tell you that. they take it out when it's infected and you have appendicitis.
you will have pains that will make you bend over ,they are so severe on the lower right side of your gut
when your sides hurt real bad and you can not move and the doctor says it is time, some of these are infections and can be taken care of with antibiotics.
The pain it causes will let you know. A doctor is the one to decide if it must be removed. When I had surgery for a different matter the doctor took mine out while he was in there. He said we don't need the appendix and this way I didn't have to worry about having an appendix attack in the future. Hope this helps.
if you've been diagnosed by a doctor to have appendicitis and you're in so much pain

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