What happens if ur weaing ur contacts on da wrong side, not left r right but if it is in there backwards?

b-cuz i don't know
Answers:    Your contact will 'float' around. cover one eye and look up, then down, then to one side, then the other side and if your contact floats around (doesn't move with your eye) then it is in backwards. Also when you have your contact on your finger if it is 'bowed' out then it is mostlike inside out. If you ever played with 'Tops', the toy you can turn inside out and then it will pop up, your contact is shaped just like that. The only difference is your contact won't 'Pop' up like a top. It will just bow out and 'float' around on top of your eye. Which means that your contact isn't setting properly on your eye it is sitting ontop of your eye. Your eye care person should have told you about this, but it is good to make sure your are wearing them correctly.
I hope that this helped.
It will hurt really bad. Trust me you'll know.
Been there done that. Not a problem. Just take them out and put them in right. If you have an astigmatism, you will just be wondering why these darn things aren't fitting right! If you don't, your vision may be off a little.
Kind of feels like theyre really dry, and like you have a rock in your eye, you will know when you do this, believe me, eyes start to water, they get red...ouchh very very Uncomfortable
If you ever do even manage to get it in there, you will know immediately something is wrong. It may not hurt so much (it probably will though) but it will definitely feel like something much larger than a hair is between the eye and contact. Your lens is shaped to fit your eye, which is not a perfect circle. So if you flip the contact and put it on it will not fit anywhere near close to proper, and when it sticks to your eye it would be sitting on a pocket of air to compensate for the shape change. And that is so much more noticeable then just putting the left one the right, which would just result in not 20/20 vision and most likely very little discomfort..

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