Can licking envelopes really kill / make you sick?

I am in the process of licking 94 envelopes for work. I know I could use water, but I..uh...kinda like the taste. Could it be bad for me?

Is there truth to the sienfeld myth? What if you licked 1,000?
Answers:    The truth is yes in some cases can make you sick but its rare. The reason being is some people have an allergic/intollerance reaction to the chemicals in which the glue is compose of.

I wont lick that many envelopes though just because they taste horrible. ewww.
Well I heard that some licked an evevelope that they didn't know had roach eggs on it and got cut on their tongue and the eggs hatched and grew in her tongue EWWWW!
I don't know if it true or not, but I also heard you can sick and I heard a story that a woman lick an envelope and roach eggs were in it and got into her tongue. If I was you I would use water and do some research on and find out what is really in the stuff ur licking u might change ur mind about licking them for now on. Everyone in my family uses water.
Well, I wouldn't to start with. But also, in times where terrorism is an issue, I would not lick any envelope. I would use water. You just never know. Recently they found rat poison in dog-food. A poison that has been outlawed in this country for years! So it had to come in from some other country. Be wise and don't believe yourself strong enough to ward off any type of cancer either. You could get that from just liking that many envelopes. You must be concerned or you wouldn't have asked. Be wise and avoid ingesting things your not sure about.
I don't know if it gets you sick...but I don't think it's such a good idea to be licking them now-a-days you don't know what people can do to them. i just get a paper towel and soak it in water and use that instead of my tongue!!

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