Do dead people's eyes shut with ease?

Do funeral home people have to glue them shut, like mouths?

Could someone close them just by touching them shut?
Answers:    I know they do close easily if the person just died. I dont know if rigor mortis makes it harder to close them or not. As far as I know they dont glue them at funeral homes (hey gluing the mouth shut is alot nicer then sewing it shut, lovely mental pics there huh) I dont think the eyes would pop back open as easily as a mouth would fall open (the neck, jaw and face muscle work to keep the mouth open or closed, when rigor mortis passes then there is nothing to keep the mouth from flappin) but yes for the most part someone could close them very easily right after they died (ya know the scene from a movie, someone dies with their eyes open,someone else passes a hand over the dead persons face and it closes the eyes very easily)
some do, most dont, at funerals I believe they are sewn shut. But they could be gluing them now.
No, funeral directors do not glue the eye lids of deceased people shut. Yes, the eye lids do remain closed if you pull them down to shut the eyes.
Hehehehe, they stay shut and pop open. Like a wibberly bob.

Gravity takes over, and the settle down as the eye shrinks a little into it's socket. But they can slip back open. Whooooooooooo.

As for youching them shut, more of a drag them down a bit. Eyeballs slippy little buggers.
They sew them shut
No. the eyes recede backwards into the head and the lids don't shut. the ocular cavity is typically filled with a balloon type insert, and lids sewn shut.
Whether or not a person's eyes close easily has more to do with when someone tries to close them. If done in the first hour, before rigor mortis sets in, then they close easily and stay that way, after rigor sets in, they have to be held closed. In the past, coins were used for this purpose, then sewing them shut, now an adhesive, much like the glue we use to wear eyelashes is used to keep them closed.
who cares thats stupid its not like their fellin it
the eyes don't close all the way when someone dies. funeral homes have to glue them shut.
No, they do not stay shut and I read in a book called "Stiff" (about the uses and processing of dead bodies) that they actually do use super glue to keep the lids closed. In Victorian times they used to put a coin on eye lids to weight them.
Ofcourse they close with ease, they is no muscle to keep them open.
his is not
some shut easily but sometimes their eyes slowly open unexpectedly,so it's better to glue them shut as to not startle people during the viewing at the funeral.
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