Why do my legs turn purple when I stand a long time?

If I stand for more than a few minutes, the skin on my legs turns purple and blotchy. They are also painful to move. Why is this? Is this because of poor circulation?
Answers:    It could definitely have to do with poor circulation. You may have to get some testing done to assess the quality of circulation in your legs such as a Doppler ultrasound. You should visit your primary care doctor or visit a vascular surgeon for a consultation.
probably poor circulation, and the fact that you are not moving. You are standing, so the blood kinda pools down into your legs. It could probably lead to varicose veins, or spider veins or whatever. Try being more active like walking, jogging, swimming, and sports and stuff, and get proper rest. You'll be fine.
Sounds like poor circulation. You should have this checked out.
bacause the blood preasure in your legs moves up and then your legs turn puple and sometimes blue maybe even green. well yes sometimes it is because of your blood preasure but it maybe because your cold or too hot.
very porr circulation. you should go to the doc as soon as possible.Do something now!!

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