What does PNR mean on a script?

I went to the doctor today to get a refill on my prescription of Imitrex, and I asked her to give me a 3 month supply so it was cheaper...she wanted me to try the nasal spray so I said, ok..then as I walked out the door--I asked if she had any samples or anything for the meantime--when waiting for my medicine..She said, "why do you need to wait for the medicine?" i said b/c i am going to do the mail in to get the extra month.. then i looked @ the script and saw no refills and my other medications on the same script..and i said, "oh did you want me to try it first?" and she said yes, we can do that and she changed the script from pnr #3 to pnr #1...I'm wondering if she going to give me three of the boxes for one month in the beginning until I opened my big yap-- or what does that mean exactly? What does PNR mean?

Because it cost me $30 for 6 (single use--one application) nasal spray bottles...and I am thinking she was going to give me a 3-month supply (18 bottles) until I said that!
Answers:    PNR?
PRN (pro re nata) means "as needed"
I've never seen a PNR. If it was PRN, that means refill as needed. The #1, is one pack of Imitrex.
Are you sure it says PNR? Because PRN means "as needed"
I dont know what PNR means but I can tell you that the Imitrex nasal spray sucks! It made me throw up and it didnt work either.
FYI I am taking Frova pills now and they are working pretty well.
Good Luck

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