how much should a girl who is 6 ft tall girl weigh?

im 16, 6ft, and about 150-155 lbs.
ive been looking into modeling and everything i look at says that the minimum height is 5'8" (which i def have) and up too 125 lbs.but i was thinking and a girl who is WAY above 5'8" really has a hrd time being 125 or i way off thinking this?
Answers:    I think if you're 6 feet tall, 125 pounds would almost qualify you for the diagnosis of Anorexia Nervosa, and, having been a mental health practitioner with 20+ years experience, and had anorexic clients, I feel confident whereof I speak. The modeling world is no place to look for healthy weight issues, and to me, you'd look so ugly that I could never buy my wife something you modeled. Also, your whole frame size, and bone size, has a helluva lot to do with "proper weight", so, you'd have to give that serious consideration. But, all in all, if you're concerned about your weight, and your figure, obviously if you're into modeling as a career, you probably are proportioned excellently, and your weight of 150-155 pounds is perfect, so leave it alone, and tell the modeling world to go to hell!! God Bless you.
145 and that's skinny. anything smaller than that is not good.
Yup. Have you thought about being a plus size model. Nowadays models have to wear a size 0, 2, or 4. That's about it. Diet or get a different goal in life.
Depends on your bone structure and amount of muscle.

If you're 6'0, 125 is a very little amount of weight, especially if you have any shoulder width or curviness at all.

If you're in good shape, with muscular definition, who cares what you weight?
No, you're right on target. You would be waaaaaaaay underweight if you tried to get down to 125. You are in the lower half of the normal weight range. You sound gorgeous, so don't let those gross-looking skinny minnies tell you otherwise. Good luck with your modeling career, but look at agencies who appreciate you for the way you look now.
Models in person are WAY TO SKINNY! The camera adds weight, so they need models to be real skinny.

I think 6' and 150 lbs means you are hot and should think of another line of work that won't make you look like a toothpick.
I think your weight seems normal for someone who is that tall. I'm 5'11 and it says i should weigh around 150-170 so you're well in the healthy range. Sometimes being too skinny is unattractrive. I'm sure you're beautiful just the way you are!
I would guess 130 to 140 lbs..depends on your bone structure and whether you have lots of t*ts and butt.
you're perfect.
Cait, you are about perfect height to weight proportionate. Don't go for the waif look, it's unhealthy. Think about being the best you can be with your talents.

What I see as your challenge is to avoid bad posture. Being that tall, you must always pay attention to your posture. A tall woman is a pleasing sight unless she has bad posture
Give it a shot as you are. You might start a trend in which models are healthy looking, instead of looking like they've been on heroin or ipecac for a couple years. I vote for you now.
I am about 160 and and my height is 5'8". I gained because of the Depro shot I am taking (so I won't have kids).
Now, for your height, that is not too bad. But, let us be realistic here for the moment, if you want to become one of those "pencil-thin" models, then they would have you lose the weight and weigh about 120-130.
but, you can still be a model and be that size.
Darling - yes - you are way off.
- do you feel good? Who decides how much you should weigh - who says "it's too much" or "it's too low"??
It is about what you feel is right.

(Oh - what matters is what weighs - 150lbs and mucle toned or 150lbs and .. you need to find your happy self)

If you were to try to maintain a weight of 125 and under you will not be healthy. .and you will only be living to keep your size, constantly exercising, not eating, etc. In my opinion that is no way to live. You sound like you are at your ideal weight for your height already. Keep it that way and maybe look into doing catalog modeling or maybe fashion design.
According to the charts I'm supposed to weigh 125 - 130 and I'm a short little shrimp at 5 feet 5 inches. Right now though.I'm really overweight, but I'm doing something about it. My final goal is to get to 140 - 150 because I don't think I can maintain the 125 suggested by the chart without starving myself.
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