Is Orange Juice good for me to drink if I have a cold?

Answers:    Yes, it is.
it's neither good nor bad.
yes, the vitamin c helps..i think
yes it really does help you feel not so sure about getting better though.
The Vitamin C you get from it will help your cold.
Yes, it is a good source of vitamin C. You should also take some other type of antioxidant's like vitamin C, vitamin E and grape seed extract. Zinc is also supposed to help shorten the duration of a cold.
Well as long as you haven't got a sore throat as it can aggrivate. Drink plenty of fluids and get well soon :)
sure.a wise old doc told me,it will help cure the cause but not the cure
Not really - it's loaded w/ bad sugar. Eat a fresh orange instead (they're way better, anyway!)
OH yes! it has vitamin C which is essential.
YES! OJ has lots of vitamin C and just nutrients to help you!

Drink more OJ

Don't buy stuff from OJ Simpson!
yes with plenty of grey goose
It helps the throat by keeping it moist and relaxed. The Vitamin C helps fight the cold.
Yes! Orange juice contains vitamin C which is an antioxidant and also helps builds your immune system.

Orange juice is good to drink when you have a cold but it will not cure the cold.

The Vitamin C combined with the Zinc in this juice will help to make your cold's duration shorter and lessen the severity of the cold itself.

Although BEWARE: Too much orange juice consumption can end up giving you Diarrhoea (better known as "The runs")

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