My poor girlfriend got sick last night, after consuming some Oreo cookies- anyone know why?

She had also ate some Ice Cream earlier, too. I was wondering...could it be that her body was rejecting the sweets she was eating? Is her body warning her to stop eating those kinds of things, in order to prevent diabetes?

Both she and I eat sweet stuff all the time. But I hope that we never develop diabetes. I know that we have to stop it, and eat fruit and crap like that instead.

Froot and Vegetables suck butt!
Answers:    If it were a diabetic reaction, she would've gotten light-headed or dizzy and/or passed out. Diabetes doesn't just make you sick to your stomach. It could be a reaction to the sugar or it could be that she is developing a food allergy. I'm allergic to whey, a by-product in dairy. I thought I was allergic to milk, but I would react when I didn't eat dairy products. It took me a long time to figure out that it was the whey and not dairy directly. So, she needs to pay attention to what she eats, and that includes dissecting every ingredient in all foods and try to find a common ingredient that's in all of them. LIke for instance, if it's ice cream, it could be a dairy allergy, but then she should react to other dairy items. With the oreos, there is whey in them and that is something that people are allergic to. She needs to start looking at what's in the food she eats. But, one reaction could've just been that she at too many sweets and just like a kid at the circus, made herself sick.
She may have a stomach bug. She shouldn't be eating sweets before going to bed. Maybe she can just cut back for a while?

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