Chroming...that is inhaling spray paint fumes, right?

I want to know, how do you do it properly because some times it just doesn't work, is it addictive and what are the negative effects? thanks!

if you could tell me what ingredient gives you the high, that would also be great.

thank you
Answers:    Please, please do Not inhale any type of fume! A friend has a traumatic brain injury (tbi) and bone marrow (fatty inner lining of the bones) damage from huffing!! Permanent damage that has really impaired her quality of life. She has a grating at the back of her neck when nodding her head up and down due to the bone marrow damage. There is no way to do that 'properly' because for one thing, it's illegal, and secondly, it's only going to cause horrible destructiveness to the body including the brain. A person can die from inhalant use even after One time! It's like playing Russian roulette with one's brain and entire system.

Chroming, huffing, sniffing, any of those terms for inhalant use are said to be The most dangerous and destructive drugs out there. Regardless of whether it's fumes from an aerosol spray or from a glue bottle or gasoline can, all are really caustic on the brain and body. Please find more positive ways to use your time and let your parents know of the risky behavior that you're thinking of. Please take good care.
Uh don't do it! Read the warning lable! "vapors may be harmful"

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