Does Airborne work if you're already feeling sick?

I've been feeling sick for about 12 hours--just sinuses and sore throat. Is it too late to take Airborne? Do you have to take it before you get sick? Thanks.
(also, any other suggestions of what to do would be good too).
Answers:    its not too late, airborne has alot of vitamins that could help you feel better. Zicam is amazing, it tastes like crap though. use the spray, it has always worked for me.
from personal experience, i took it when i was already sick, and it didn't work.

try contact if you're already somewhat sick, they work really well and fast. if not, tylenol for colds...they taste fruity! :)

good luck!
I believe that the data shows that Airborne really does not work, though I know people who swear by it.

Try Zinc lozenges. They work if you take as soon as you have the first symptoms of a cold. I used it throughout graduate school. Vitamin C also can help. Mucinex also helps thin the phlegm that is causing the sore throat, in addition to an anti-histamine.
not too sure.try zicam...but if you dont enjoy bad tastes lol there is a nasal spray and there is a little q-tip kind that you just press to the side of your nose and it works really well..if u think ur getting the flu, try this stuff called oscinococscillum (something like that not sure how to spell it long name and starts with an o) it is these little things that taste like sugar, really. hot tea soothes your throat if u like that..and there are thes little tabs you put at the bottom of your shower that make a soothing vapor that are called shower soothers

you can find everything i listed at a drug store, like walgreens, none need a perscription.


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