WHY DO I SNORT when talking?

Something has been plaguing me for years. Sometimes while I'm speaking (to others), laughing, or when I take in a deep breathe I SNORT loudly. It’s incredibly uncomfortable and annoying needless to say. Why is this happening!?! What can I do? I sometimes wonder if I'm taking in too much air or something, because that’s what it feels like. Worse part of it is- I'm a public speaker and it's happened several times already….it was horrifying. What is this condition? I do tend to breath through my mouth- is this associated? HELP!
Answers:    attention getter ! this and most speech impediments without a physical cause is a mostly NERVES (relax and you will stop) that is why you gasp ( and snort ) you are scared !
too much crack.
your mother was a pig
maybe u have breathing disorders, u should go see a doctor. =)
i think the reason that you do that is because you are breathing too much air up your nose way to fast after breathing out your mouth when you are talking and that is what is making you snort. Dont worry
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