Why does it take so long to fill a prescription?

I was recently at walgreens getting a prescription filled. I rarely get sick, and am not familiar with pharmacies.

What do they have to do in the back that makes 'filling' a prescription take an hour? Don't they just have to count some pills and run your insurance information? Are they marking the pills as distributed to a national registry or something?
Answers:    OK I used to work at an Eckerd's Pharmacy. There are 3 baskets that they will put your prescribing in. A red one for if you are coming from the hospital and need the medication right away. Then they have 2 other baskets (can't remember their colors its been a few years) one for the people that are waiting in the store and another for people who are not waiting.

Usually it doesn't take that long unless they have quite a few prescriptions to fill.

Also it will take longer if the pharmacist is on a break. Since certain medicines are kept in a safe and only they have the key to.

Also if there is a problem with your insurance.

But honestly it shouldn't take an hour to fill a prescription unless its really busy at the pharmacy.
I really gave up on Walgreens. I refill my prescriptions on line at Wal-Mart and give them an assigned time to be ready. No hassles and they prescriptions at Walmart are much cheaper.
It isn't just yours they have to fill, but many others and if not all the staff are working, the work load will take longer. Try shopping while your prescription is being filled to kill off time.
It's mainly because your not the only getting a scrip filled. And they might have one maybe two people doing it. So it takes time. I personally want to give them that hour so there is no mistake. If they hurried and gave wrong med, how would I know? I don't know what a med is supposed to look like if I have never taken it before. So, be patient, even though it's hard if your really sick cause it's all for your benefit in the end
It depends on how busy the pharmacy is. If it is for something 'normal' (ie, not a narcotic or something that requires extra paper work) it should only take 10-15 min to fill. Smaller pharmacies are often faster than the big mega-ones. Also, some pharmacies (esp big ones, like you mentioned) also fill prescriptions for nursing homes and such, so in addition to filling the scrips for the people who walk in, they have dozens of others to do by contract.
I have bipolar and asthma and on 10 diffent meds. i use walgreens all the time and most of the time it takes about 30 min to fill my meds

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