Can a mole be frozen off like a wart?

Answers:    Moles are more often excised because of their structure.

Have it biopsied first, remove it on a second visit.
It shouldn't be frozen off..
It should be punch biopsied just in case.
Don't try to freeze it off by yourself, because you could leave a very important part behind, and you would have no idea whether it was cancerous or not.
no the doc cuts the out
some can be frozen off.but you need to leave that decision up to your doctor.because most moles need to be tested and cut out..
This IS NOT a "Do It Yourself" project!! This is Not something to do at home! Yes a mole can be frozen off and is often done by a Dermatologist. They are the experts.
Be careful with moles, haven't you seen Caddy Shack? They are tricky creatures who steal golf balls, dam moles! No wait, that is a gopher, dam gophers!
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