How do you get rid of sty's on ur eyes?

Answers:    Gold Ring for sure. Just take real gold, rub it on the sty and you should be good to go!

I know, i was skeptical too, but my friend finally got me to do it and *POOF* it was gone!
ask dr Suess
Rub them with a gold ring (seriously it works)
put pigs in them
get rid of the pig shite first.
Put a warm washcloth on your eye, or go to the grociey store and get this sye medicine.
See your ophthalmologist (eye M.D., not an optometrist who is not a physician).
warm compresses on your eye. 4 times a day.
I had styes often as a child (long eyelashes). My mom would let a teabag steep in very warm water, and then hold the bag over my eye. Very soothing. Not sure if it sped up the process, but I think it did.

Good luck. Styes are not fun.
Go to a local chemist and ask them for some eye drops for it, or try washing your eye out
There's really not much you can do but wait. To speed the process a little you can try a warm compress, but sty's just take a little time to come to a head. Eventually it will go away. Be patient and keep the warmth going.
there is actually a medicine for this, but two other things working are a damp hot wash cloth will excrete the infection and also this is grose and probably not recommended but I try to excrete it too. it hurts so get rid of the pain pull that eye lash out. I hope if you have one you can take care of it. good luck
the best product i have found if you live here in the uk is Golden eye.hope this helps
see your doc. antibiotics usually resolve the problem, but sometimes you need to have a minor procedure to drain the stye.
The old traditional treatment that worked was Golden Eye Ointment. Was out before antibiotics.
stand at the fork in the road, and hold eye open,and say; sty,sty in my eye,go to the next one, who looks me in the eye. that is a wive's tale. and or go see your doctor.
rub it with a gold ring

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