Advil on an empty stomach?

you know when you have a head ach or your sick and need advil or tylonole well my mom always told me to eat somhing befor swalling them why is that what would happen if you swallowed a pill on an empty stomach
Answers:    A sensitive stomach will hurt if you take pills with nothing in there, and over time taking meds on an empty stomach can eat away at the lining of your stomach. Once in a while when necessary is probably ok, if you don't have an incredibley sensitive stomach, and generally Tylenol is considered safe without food.
It'll Make You Feel Sick To Your Stomach
You should have something in your stomach before taking ibuprofen
u gonna fill a lot of pain in ur stomach
Nothing youll be fine. If you take aspirin or ibuprofen all the time on an empty stomach then eventually you could end up with stomach problems. But once in a while its fine.
Sometimes it's just easier on you to have food in your stomach because it has the side effect of making you feel sick.
So having food helps absorb it faster and get it working too.
Drink it with plenty of water as well.
It is a good idea to have something in your stomach when taking Advil or any ibuprofen product. They can be hard on the stomach lining otherwise.
if you have nothing in your stomach it may give you a burning bad indigestion
The acid in the pill eats at the lining of the stomach. Also the pill will not digest correctly and go into the system properly.
It wouldn't hurt you or anything. It would be harsh on your stomach, though. So it is a good idea to take either a glass of milk to coat your stomach, or even eat a cracker beforehand.
my mom always tells me to do the same.. it is so you don't have stomach pains.

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