Contact lenses prescription left or right?

i just got a pair of contact lenses, but the guy at the store forgot to label which one is left and which one is right.

the only thing that are different is the spherical
one is +1.25
one is +2.25

the only thing i know for sure is that my left eye is weaker than my right
Answers:    Hi. The +2.25 is for your left eye.

Being farsighted means the rays fall behind the retina. You need a convex lens to correct this. The more convex the higher the power. Your left eye does not accomodate (become convex enough) as your right eye. It thus needs more help to converge the light rays.

(by "weaker" I assume you are more farsighted in your left eye. By the way I think all shops that sells contact lenses would measure it for you and this would take a few minutes.)
Call the place you got them from and ask them which is which.
bring them back
he has your prescription and can tell you
contact cases have compartments marked l and r
once they are placed in the correct compartment you will know which is which

The +1.25 power is less than the +2.25 power. So if your RX is less in the left eye, then you would need to put the 1.25 into the left eye.

I hope this helps!

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Put one in each eye, then switch them and see which one works better. I'm pretty sure the 2.25 should go in your left eye, and the 1.25 should go in your right.

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