I just threw up blood?

I've felt sick for the last 24 hours (like sinus headache and phlegm in the back of my throat, sore throat etc) I ate lunch about 4 hours ago and then just threw up. Nothing seemed to be digested which is odd, there was a lot of fluids that I drank (OJ + sprite). The blood came out at the end and i knew it was blood because it was red (I ate nothing red) and I could taste it. It looked like saliva+blood (like if your mouth was bleeding and you spit). It was probably about 5+ table spoons.Should I go to the hospital? I took some excedrin and other meds and sometimes those irritate your stomach which may have been the cause of bleeding?
Answers:    You need to go to the hospital immediately in my opinion. You could have a bleeding ulcer and if you have other symptoms other than throwing up blood it doesnt sound good to me. Please seek some professional medical help right now. Its always better to be safe than sorry
go to the doctor right now. it could be very serious.

good luck. hope you feel better. :)
I would go and seek medical advice ~ fast!!
oj is very acidic too so that could upset ur stomach try to drink clear liquids slowly.
eat light foods, mashed potatoes, crackers soup, etc...
Please go to urgent care - not sounding too good.
call ur doctor and ask..its probably something you should do soon
It's really nothing to worry about.
People often throw up blood
when they are vomiting. It is
such a small amount ...Not to worry.

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