Why does caffeine make me tired?

Coffee, energy drinks.. they all make me sleepy.
Answers:    Some people with ADD or HDAD (hyperactive) find caffeine to have a similar affect as Ritalin (paradoxical). You could have undiagnosed HDAD.
My old boss (a doctor) was diagnosed with HDAD in his 40's caffeine had the same affect on him.
Its a drug, when any drug gets in the blood IT kills b vitamins that keep us healthy and energetic and they are the nutrients for white cells, so you get tired,
Simple, energy drinks and caffeine aren't made of things that give you energy, they just give you sugar rushs, then you're worn out after that, b/c the sugar brings down all the rest of your energy as it's all used up.

the effect of the caffeine on the brain is wiped out b/c of the sugar crash you get (at least from the energy drinks). Try a Sobe sugar free energey drink, or sugar free redbull. OR use splenda (or no sugar if you can deal) w/ the coffee..
I can imagine it interferes with your normal sleep-and-wake body rhythm. These are stimulants that can "send you up" but also ends up "sending you down".
are you a.d.h.d? this is a common side affect for those who are. drink citris juice for energy.
Well once they've burned the energy that you've had in your body PRIOR to taking them, you get sleepy.

It like a burnout. It uses so much of your stored energy at such a fast rate, that once you have a "caffeine crash" you get sleepy, sometimes fatigued. I even start to shake and get hunger pains as well. Caffeine doesn't GIVE you energy, it just burns the energy that you have at a rapid rate of speed so that you get the effects of being "energized", and then tired.

There are these energy shots that you can get at GNC or sny other health store that really helps me. It isn't like the other types of energy drinks and what-not.
Boy. Problem is not caffeine, but the enormous quantities energy drinks provide.
Its strange why energy drinks are not prohibited, when so harmful.
Didn't you note that energy drinks, the more you drink, the more you need?
Stick to a coffee or two and BURY ANY energy drink. That´s my advice. And take much care of you, as yourself is the only real thing you truly posses.
You have the reverse action just like a niece of mine. You give her Benadryl & she'll buzz all over the house. Try decaf. It's what I drink (Dr.s orders) I can't tell the difference. If you want to test the theory, eat a large choclate bar which is loaded with caffine. If you get tired from that, caffeine is not your friend.
people w/ add tend to experience a "calming" effect when they drink caffiene..thats what my dr told me

i drink monster it has more b vitamins, guarana, etc for energy rather than just a ton of caffiene. its really the only thing that wakes me up..coffee just makes me miserable
I'm not sure why caffeine would make you tired. Everyone is different.

You may want to try something different such as a energy drink that does not have all the caffeine and sugar in it.

I drink an energy drink that is healthy for you, doesn't contain all the sugar and caffeine, works in 10-15 minutes after I drink it, and is much less expensive than most energy drinks. I have been drinking them daily for several months and I feel so much better. I have energy, feel really good, and I have much better mental clarity.

You can find them at www.carlshealthhelp.com/energy

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