Can you get Cocaine into your system by handling it? What ways does it get into your system?

Answers:    Hmm.. not thinking about it are you..
Snort, eat, absorb through skin, absorb through butt, inject, cut self open and pour into cut. That's about it I think.
YES, just by touching it it goes into your system, and you feel the effects, just not as much as sniffing it
The amount of cocaine that could possibly get into your system by handling it would more than likely be undetectable. Cocaine can only get into your system if you or someone else put it there ie. snorting,smoking, injecting. I think maybe you should be more concerned about how to NOT handle and get cocaine into your system and quit trying to find excuses for you to tell someone as to how it got into your system. SAY NO TO DRUGS!

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