My husband ejaculates too fast.?

My husband thinks he cums to soon I think it is fine I am not a person for hours of sex in the first place but it really bothers him anyone have the same problem or advice?
Answers:    Premature ejaculation is when the male ejaculates before both partners are ready. Premature ejaculation is normal in new relationships due to the fear of being unable to perform or of being over anxious.

However, this is not the case in your situation. Also, you are correct...if you don't think he is ejaculating prematurely, you are right. If you are ready, he obviously is not ejaculating prematurely!

Tell your husband that he can try the Squeeze technique to improve his stamina. I will post a link for the procedure here rather than type it all out:

Otherwise, if he really thinks this is a problem, he needs to see a urologist. The doctor will determine if there really is a problem and if so will recommend treatment. Most real issues are psychological requiring sex therapy, psychotherapy and/or anti-depressants. The urologist would then refer him for the proper counseling.

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