Will conditioner really get rid of Head lice?

Will it sufficate them?
My 9 yrs old is infected.
Answers:    I had this problem over the summer. I don't know where I got them but I had a headful before I realized what was going on.

This worked for me. You may or may not have similar results. While in the shower, I applied Head & Shoulders shampoo to my DRY hair. That's right, DRY hair. It became thick and pasty as there was no water to dilute it. I let it sit on my head for 30 minutes as I leisurely washed the rest of my body. When 30 minutes had passed I put water on my head and scrubbed like crazy. Just using my fingernails and slowly working back and forth over my head moving both hands back and forth in opposite directions.

Afterwards I rinsed my hair clean and looked for any straggling lice and nits. I found the nits easier to remove from the newly shampooed hair than dry hair. Maybe the shampoo has something in it that loosens the "glue" on the nits, I don't know.

For the tougher nits I had someone use scissors and simply cut the hair below the nit and throw it in the toilet. Alternately if you can't get to the hair below then nit simply pluck the hair from the scalp. It's reasonably painless just pulling out one hair.

I did this the following day and found a few more critters and nits and removed them. The third day I found 3 critters and no nits. The fourth day, I was clean.
NO! Go to the store and get RID..
Conditioner won't do anything to them.
no dont be silly but kerosene will
No, you need a special head lice shampoo, as the nits are very pernicious
Absolutely not. You need a special shampoo that is designed to kill lice. You also need to wash all bedding and clothing on high heat, and vacuum your child's room and the rest of the household very well.
No, buy a real remedy or try original Listerine.
no, she needs R.I.D.
No, go to your pharmacy and ask, there is over the counter stuff that will work.
no! go to the pharmacy and buy RID. right away and wash everything in your house.
Um.go to the store, and get head lice treatment.


Walgreens, Albertsons, Longs, Safeway?

Do you know how to treat head lic, cuz if you don't you and your family are in for a long ride with lice..
No there are two really good solution, conditioner is not one of them

NO 01- buy the expensive lice shampoo

NO 02- shave his head completely

those are your only options tough luck, good luck, and God Bless
No it won't. You need to get the lice shampoo with the little comb. You have to get all the eggs too, or they won't go away. Conditioner won't suffocate eggs. Make sure you wash all the bedding and clothing too.
no, but a product called rid, will
no girl u have to see a doctor or get a short hair cut dats what i used to do when i was little
Sorry to say- But no. However I heard lemon juice and a dandruff shampoo left on for 20 minutes works.

If she is real bad- spend the 20.00 and get the stuff from walmart

Make sure you get rid of/ boil all brushes. And wash all linen with HOT water.

Good luck with that one. Everyone gets em..
no absolutely not. olive oil and a shower cap, maybe, lice shampoo yes, kerosene is the very best lice killer though i know it sounds harsh but we have used it on the kids and ourselves everytime. the most important part is to make sure you get all those nits out cause even one found by the nurse will keep her out of school.
infected.go to emergency room..lice are insects throw her in shower NOW comb her hair thoroughly several times under running water. try conditioner? ask doctor.good luck
Yes, you need the whole bottle
no it will not.
a easy a cheap way go to the store buy some hair dye it can be the same color as your 9 yr olds hair the chemicals in the dye kill them after that if you put mayo in the hair you can comb all the eggs out really easy but make sure you spray furniture, mattresses, and wash clothes this will help
Lice is common, don't use kerosene. Conditioner doesn't suffocate lice, it destroys their exoskeleton, just like Dawn dish-washing liquid does to a flea. BUT it doesn't do anything about the eggs, this is why we have to use specialized stuff to get rid of these infestations. Buy some Rid at the pharmacy it works quick and it's inexpensive to boot.
Good luck.
Now our days you can get special lice shampoo. In my days I had to sleep with vinegar the whole night on my head.
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